A Solution to it ALL

I agree on so many levels here!

Why the frick do we have to suffer a pretty useless “update”, when it doesn´t fix the most common bugs, but instead puts in a whole bunch of new ones?!?

I mean, the way you like to go with the “followers update” is OK…

There are pretty much higher priorities to check!
And you made things worse!

Roll back that mess and try again next year!


Hey there,

I would like to point you to the Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read. Bashing developers and making ungrounded accusations, as well as swearing, is prohibited.

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You’re right, I removed the post. Need to calm down a bit :wink:


Are you guys Win7 users? What issues are you still experiencing?

I am playing on a private server and pretty much all connectivity issues have been resolved by now. No rollback is needed as far as I am concerned.


/agree, Narelle. While there are some remaining issues, I’m having fun on dedicated live !




So can you actually favorite your favorite server? Do you see the number of players that connected in the past few days? Can external server websites query the serverlist for information that would be useful for those who are trying to choose a server right now? These are the main issues that you meet even before even going in the game. And with a game that puts such heavy emphasis on multiplayer, these arent light issues - hell, these shouldn’t be issues in the first place. So yeah, I agree with everything previously said about no proper QA, and even slightly agree with a rollback of both client and server architecture, as it would certainly solve the issues much faster than anything else - especially since the current updates pretty much say “we fixed what is absolutely urgent, anything else comes some time later”. Well, this thread described the “not later, right now” fix, that would also be a good lesson in humility and QA structure for a company that needs it more and more :sweat_smile:

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@lordyoyo The newest patch on TestLive addresses some of these issues.

I think people are also upset about the random other issues that are occurring.

For example, the last update was supposed to improve Thrall AI. It was a “Followers Overhaul”. Since the last patch, however, the thralls have gotten stupider and stupider, lagging out or just not doing things. Teleporting randomly. Trapping you against a wall during a fight. Repeatedly pulling out and sheathing a weapon. Running like a yoyo to the enemy, then running back. Sadly, this is pretty prevalent right now. A lot of people I’ve played with want the old system back.

I’m not even talking about the nerfs here - just basic functionality that has become noticeably worse since “improvements” were made.

Fall damage being disabled in online play is another pretty serious issue, especially in PVP. Some bases are built to mitigate raiding via the threat of fall damage and they’re basically left wide open.

Add to that the time it took to fix the login issues - where people were offline raided because they couldn’t log in and lost everything - and you’ve got some pretty frustrated players.

People have been complaining since patch 16 june, not because they dont like this or that, its BECAUSE THEY CANT PLAY, and as far as I know can you show me a reply from funcom to all these CUSTOMERS (players) explaining why they did that patch and what they are going to do to solve their problems.

Have you been on test live? Your complaining about fixes that are on the newest build. Please go test the Croms proxy balls out of it. ( is that an ok curse, as it is in game.) :laughing:
Seriously though test, report the bugs in detail.

Fall damage is fixed on testlive and, boy, does it hurt :stuck_out_tongue:



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Quite a bit, for the Followers II patch. I’ve got to take a break from QAing because I have to QA IRL. I’ve posted a number of bugs.


It’s not sad if regular people want to see some QA of sorts. If someone desires a rollback when the game’s completely broken for some, that’s perfectly fine. That those bugs have been fixed at a later stage (on an experimental build) don’t invalidate the past demand for a rollback. Testlive wasn’t even regularly available and required a fix on the client’s side to be accessible and after that, like two days past they rushed and pushed it to live. The issue isn’t that people are unwilling to test, it’s that there’s next to no communication and very often (even before corona) things get just released.

You can’t expect everyone who plays this game for recreational purposes, to be a playtester on an experimental build of the game. You can just slightly acknowledge that there’s a problem with FC’s QA. If I remember you almost did a 180 on Funcom, because it looked like they could drop Windows 7. So you should at least partially know how it feels, if developers drop unannounced, vaguely tested stuff on (Test)Live.


And you were heard.



“Dedicated, active, frequent testlive player who provides feedback” is simply another way of saying “unpaid QA tester”. It’s an integral part of the process, between QA and public release, because you get several thousand people poking at the software in ways developers and QA engineers can’t think of or anticipate, but you CAN NOT consider it a replacement for a veteran, supported, fully-fleshed out QA team and process, nor is it morally right to expect people to do so, providing those type of services for free, just to save a buck. It’s not right, and, what’s more, it doesn’t work.

Source: Worked in the video game industry as a QA tester, CS agent/GM, and Wielder of the Ban Hammer against cheater/hacker/RMT accounts.


I honestly don’t think that is the issue here. There are testers, many issues are found, and even really well reported.

They just get pushed live, even though the issue is discovered in Testlive, documented and even responded to by Ignasis. Some things get addressed, but I’d have to say about half the things being reported generally don’t get a fix before going live.

This means, if we had 500 Testlive players, and there were just two (replicatable) reports a day for the 25 days it’s in testlive, only ~15 or so of those issues would actually get addressed before TestLive gets merged with master.

This generally indicates either a lack of troubleshooting resources, stuff isn’t getting prioritized correctly, or they just have some deadline which stupidly gets enforced when they still know they have blockers to handle.

I mean, just look back at the last patch before this one, when the FC live system went in. No one could actually log in, aside from some wonky workarounds, most of that being playing solo. The entire time this patch was on testlive.

And they didn’t fix that, pushed it live, and now there’s some sort of surprised Pikachu face that one can’t log into the servers and there’s major issues with the server list?

That’s just totally baffling.

Testers said “this doesn’t work, I can’t see any servers” from day 1 of this patch and all throughout.


This is so true.

It´s just what I thought all the time.

It´s not about having a buggy game
It´s not about having not enough money for a perfect QA

Most of us can live with that!
We still love the game.

But it´s about:

Players: “Look developer! There are some really serious problems to fix here before going live!”
Developer: “Naaa… Don´t care now… Maybe later… Right now I wanna drop the Thrall HP…”


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I don’t mind testing. TestLive is actually pretty cool to get your hands on new features before they get “released”. Well, in theory. It’s just that this game has a train wreck of issues; previously introduced features remain as unpolished as they were upon their release (taming, AI, etc.). Every time I go to a new TestLive there is something completely new that’s just appended to the existing pile of stuff. They said they tackle AI, but I ended up bugtesting FuncomLiveServices first, instead.

Mounts were cool when released, well, it worked. Now, after months of patching, I’m a proud owner of a diagonally levitating horse, that tries to fuse itself with my body. When I try to pick up a stone, I accidentally order my companion to casually solo a camp of Darfaris.

I just wish they would be a bit more transparent.

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