Problem of our own creation

Do you have the test client installed?
Are you concerned about bugs?
Are you helping test season 3?

I’m on test. Busiest time of day is 7 people on 4 servers.

Ya, I know. I have little confidence any bug report I make will get to people that can or will fix it. But hey, I’ve done my part, all I can do.


I paid for Conan Exiles during early access. We did our job, and the game was released. It is no longer my job to be a tester for the game.

I prefer waiting on content releases rather then be a free tester for the company.


So when you fall over a bug whom do you blame?

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Kanye West?


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I’m a software developer, and I really hate this kind of crap.

Real, actual bugs are never, ever the users’ fault. Ever.

Programmers introduce bugs. QA people, tools, and processes don’t always catch those bugs. Shіt happens.

Beta testers don’t always catch bugs that QA let through, but it is not the beta testers’ fault. Beta testers are users. They’re not devs, they’re not the employees, they don’t have any sort of duty or obligation to help catch and report bugs. They’re doing it as volunteers.

Stop blaming people who aren’t at fault.


I could be wrong, but I don’t know if they were blaming the individual for not saying anything. I think they were just ranting. The fault always lies on Funcom developers. That’s a given. That’s why I made a snarky response (that got flagged as “inappropriate” lol) because we all know who’s at fault, but sometimes people just wanna put blame anything. It’s just easier that way.

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And I used to be an invite closed alpha/beta tester till the developers of Defiance blamed us for not reporting a game stopping bug we all warned them about days in advance of release. They still had to refund a ton of preorders.

I do agree. But the time to complain/report bugs is before going live. I’m well aware funcom takes bugs live regardless of reports. None the less the more of us there are on the test server, the more of us that can claim we reported that bug before it went live.

I blame us for not enough of us being on test reporting bugs during a builds short lived time on test. I blame funcom for builds going live buggy, and said bugs rarely getting fixed.
I mean the legacy bugs are really stacking up.

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I wouldnt really “blame” anyone unless it went on unreported for months on end. If it was some irritating thing that was game breaking, and it was unreported, Id report it. Most of the time bugs in this game are reported quickly so no point in beating a dead horse.

If Funcom released super buggy content all the time in each patch, Id blame the coders for shoddy untested work. But, this is extremely rarely ever the case. Most bugs are very minor, and dont affect gameplay.

Then again there’s also those of us who played testlive before, reported bugs, only to see those bugs go live despite some of us even suggesting delaying the release of updates.


So forgive some of us for being a little “skeptical” that our feedback would be taken seriously even if we did participate.


Been there, done that. Bugs go live anyway, not bothering with TestLive anymore. DevKit was released already which most likely means that the patch will go live as is.

TestLive is for content creators to get early preview not for actual testing.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Are we playing the same game?


Any dev who blames the users for bugs is a shіtty dev, end of story. I don’t know what happened with Defiance, but whatever happened and whichever way it happened, it doesn’t change the fact that the players are not to blame for bugs in games.

Then you’re simply wrong. Of course, it’s your right to be wrong if you insist :wink:

This is really not complicated. If a bug is in the live version of the game and you really care about assigning blame, it lies with the devs and the QA.

Public beta testing is voluntary. Those who participate, do so out of goodwill and enthusiasm. If they catch a bug in beta and it gets fixed, so much the better, but that’s pretty much all anyone could or should expect from a public beta.

Again, we’re talking about enthusiasts and volunteers. That will always be a smaller portion of the whole playerbase. The only thing you can take away from “not enough of us” participating in public beta is that something is seriously wrong if the already small group is getting smaller with time.

Which leads to an interesting question: what, exactly, went wrong?

My personal opinion is that the confidence in the public beta program has been eroding:

Some of the most glaring problems with TestLive:

  • Serious bugs reported in TestLive have repeatedly been either ignored, or marked as “received” and allowed to reach live.
  • There have been several occasions on which TestLive servers were literally unplayable – down or with serious performance problems – because they don’t get restarted every day. And despite people reporting that, they were left like that for days.
  • The new monetization makes it impossible to test certain things on TestLive, even those that should be tested because the patch notes reference those fixes explicitly.
  • Consoles don’t have TestLive.

So no, this is most definitely in no way a “problem of our own creation”.


I work full time, have a family home life and the house to maintain, volunteer my time in the community and at the end of the day I’d like to sit down and play games.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist in helping report bugs through the test client. But I simply do not have the time or will to do so. This isn’t a measure of how much I care though.

If anything that low number shows how much the players are now invested and have confidence…


What game breaking bugs are currently live that affect gameplay on official servers?

Why do you think only game breaking bugs affect game play?
I can give you a lengthy list of bugs that negatively affect game play that are not game breaking.

That is a rather absurd opinion. A bug isn’t a bug if it doesn’t break the game :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for doing what you can.


Fc ofc. I will mention that no rewards r available to testers also. Why one should bother? As for 99% of the bugs, trust me they r around for some years now. What is their excuse of not being fixed?

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You installed Test…cough I mean Public Beta client?
Congrats! You just wasted your time and space on your drive.
Enjoy not seeing any fixes or even acknowledgment of your reports.
Why even bother if bugs won’t be fixed pre-release? Funcom doesn’t even bother to QA their own MTX and you want in-time fixes for bugs found and reported on Public Beta client.