AA XP pots not working

Hi folks,

Ive noticed that the shop 100% aa pots doesnt work on saga like they do/did on crom and fury. When using campaign crates or bowl it does not give 100% xp on aa.

It worked like that on crom and fury 1 or 2 months ago. Ive done this on many of my chars there.

I contacted a GM ingame and he tells me after a while that the devs at this point is saying that it has never worked like that. It only works on pvp kills.

I am 100% sure that i have done this very very often on the other servers and it has given me double xp. From crates and bowls. Both from prowess and mastery. Its a great way for easy aa’s when u say use veteran points to buy xp tokens and then buy xp bowls from mystic vendor. Or to buy crates from pvp armory. Ive used this way to gain aa’ s plenty of times and latest on my dt 2 months ago.

The gm tells me to wait and later he meets me on crom to test there. And by my suprise its changed… it gives NO raise in aa xp.

Can any of you guys plz confirm that it was like this b4? It seems to me that someone changed this after i raised the question.

And with this being said, the text on the pots is also stating u get aa xp all over and not only for kills.

Help me out guys! There is something fishy about this and im going to get to the bottom of it!

#edit it seems to work again on crom. Looks like it was only not working when the GM was there with me…
Still not working on my char at saga

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For sure it should do and it did! And also the text states that. Otherwise no sense to buy it at all than stacking aa items? Everyone with a brain did like you described your approach.

I also used theese pots with sucess on last sagaserver.

If they do not want them to work this way on this server its fine by me… but then i want my money refunded. Cuz ive bought thoose pots.

I talked this over with my lawyer friend and if i can provide some screens etc. Showing the xp gain, It would help. He is also looking into the text in the shop. It is indeed stating its NOT only from kills. He clearly also stated that the 420 points pot for aa xp only, has NO text Mentioning kills at all.

We Are in the prosess of calculating my vet points on the DT and the xp gained from bowls used. The ammount will show that i am right im sure.

Thnx m8. Im going to get to the bottom of this. They r clearly ripping us off. I just hope they r not doing this with intention. Its a little fishy that its changed on the other servers suddenly.

They work as intended. It’s just that prowess points scales with the level you are.

I ate two boxes supposedly giving me 46 875 prowess exp. One with the bonus and one without, you can clearly see it works as intended, the potion does excatly what it’s supposed to do, but not many people are aware of the scaling issue.
You earned 14746 XP towards your Prowess Advancement (+30% membership bonus).
ou earned 29493 XP towards your Prowess Advancement (+30% membership bonus).

So why does it not work on crom on my 80? Not anymore

#edit it seems to work again on crom. Looks like it was only not working when the GM was there with me…

And is that xp u posted here from a 46k crate?

Cuz thats not what i get. It doubles for you. As intended. Clearly. But not for me.

I dont have a pot now but i will do it again when funcom decide to give me the points i bought 2-3 days ago…

And ill post the difference. There was none last time. Only difference ive seen is with the event buffs running or not ofc.

AA shouldn’t even accumulate until level cap. It’s additional advancement more than alternate in AoC.


On saga we get 10 expertise for each ding. Doesnt matter if its mastery or prowess.

Double 100% xp gain is the same if u r lvl 20 or 80. A bowl of bori prowess bought in armory gives u 250k. That should give 500k with the pot active + 30% membership bonus + whatever buff you have or other items giving you raise.

Or sm i missing something here

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It makes a big difference yes indeed

You only get 8 expertise last time I checked but it might be 10, lets say 10.

You get double prowess gain on anything, yes. BUT you don’t get 250k as a base on level 40.

Let’s take this 10k book as an example. It says I should get 10k.
I eat it.
You earned 2517 XP towards your Prowess Advancement (+30% membership bonus).
You gained 10000 XP towards your Prowess Advancement. (This is an on screen message not connected to the amount you get).
As noticed above, I got 2517 prowess exp, not 10 000.
I put on a boost and I get the following number.
You earned 5663 XP towards your Prowess Advancement (+30% membership bonus).
You gained 10000 XP towards your Prowess Advancement.

As you can see I now get 5663 instead of 2517, as far as my math is concered that is an increase of the correct value, however you don’t get full prowess gain before level 80.

Conclusion: The EXP potion is working as inteded, however the advertised experience on the items are not giving what is displayed.

Ah so its like that… damn. Very misleading then i think. The advertised text should scale too imo.

Thnx for the info!