Ability to visit full map before committing to a server

This might be a bit of a silly suggestion, but I wish servers could enable a “visit server” option.
Once you’re about to create your character, you could opt for a server visit instead.
The idea here is that if someone would choose this option, they would get a random character that could fly, have super speed, be invulnerable and invisible to all enemies for about 5 to 10 minutes. This would give the players the option to briefly scout the entire map and decide if the server is healthy/worth committing to. Once the time is up, players are taken back to the start of the character creation menu and either create the character as usual, or leave the server.
I believe this would be particularly helpful in official servers. Nothing worse than committing to a base, start leveling as usual, just to later find out that someone is blocking a huge chunk of the map, land claiming all of the north, etc.
Doing death runs through all of the map just to be able to check if people are blocking too much stuff or not takes so much time.


That sounds like a perfect way to scout enemy bases on PVP servers.


What if it was only enabled for PvE servers then?

Or have the player be unable to enter and fly over player made structures while in this mode due to invisible walls? Have this mode on a small timer and make it a one use only option on each new server joined.

On PvP there’s a chance for players to fight back land claim if they work for it. On PvE however, players are stuck with whatever others decide to build and claim. Being able to scout maps (at least on PvE) would help players make better decisions on what server they want to sink their time in. And ofc someone new can always join and just start building, blocking and spamming everywhere.
But at least for a new fresh start, being able to decide to move away from servers with toxic/grief builders without having invested any time on the server would be so nice.

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No because it will be abused to scout hidden bases.

On pvp, level up 30, then scout the server, then build a base (if you stay!).

May be we need more server stats?

Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem for PVE and PVE-C.

@EvaDi, Well that was a great problem for me too. I believe however that if someone had this ability maybe he would never decide where to play. On the other hand maybe the day that you visit the game everything in this server would seem fine and after a week some jerks join this server and ruin it. If you decide to go online and play with others you will have all the kind of personalities in this server, except if you play in an empty server, but then again what’s the point. So what I will suggest to you is to learn all the safety paths of the map, and make a 2 hour round before you decide if you will stay in this server. My crazy run lasts a bit longer, because I want to have all the obelisks, religions, dances, cooking recipes, etc, before I decide if i’ ll stay in this server. If however in the way i’ ll notice something I don’t like I log out at once. What I loose is practically nothing, because this is gaming for, to spend your time doing things you really like on your favorite game :wink:. Have fun m8 and welcome to the forum :+1:.

Ps if you play on ps4 I can always join a server with you, so you can follow me in this run :wink:.

You can easily scout the whole map naked after coming from desert before you decide whether you want to commit or not

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