About the change from legendary to epic?

Does that mean we can use Master repair kits on our Siptah crafted gear?
That would be really really helpful?
Do we know if that’s the case or that Repair kits are still a thing?

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Wish I new.

Yes, all crafted items will (well, should) max out at epic level. If you can craft it you can repair it, however grandmaster repair kits in my testing will reduce the durability by 2.5% of the original starting durability every single time you use one. Workbench repair as of now just costs resources and has no secondary effect.

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Thank you for the information my wife and I don’t rely on Legiondary weapons. However would be nice to know what they are planning. After all we can craft better than Legiondary weapons Thanks for the info. Need to check on puppy and back to Siptah

You won’t after the update. Legendary weapons were buffed.

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By default yes, it’s adjustable via ServerSettings.ini though

Here are the defaults:

  • Simple Weapon Repair Kit: 20%
  • Weapon Repair Kit: 15%
  • Advanced Weapon Repair Kit: 10%
  • Master Weapon Repair Kit: 5%
  • Grandmaster Weapon Repair Kit: 2.5%

Relevant ServerSettings.ini entries:


So if we have siptah gear, but don’t have the recipes or enough eldarium, our only option is to pretty much degrade them to complete uselessness? Ugh… i think I’m gonna be sick. :nauseated_face:


Yep…exactly right. This will slowly remove Siptah from the Exiled lands…except for vagabond and heavy truncheons which are siptah specific recipes but materials from either map.

and repairing with raw materials reduces it by what?

Nothing :smiley: that’s the curious part… it’s completely consequence-free

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ummmm ok. So this entire thing isn’t going to effect me outside of babying some legendary armor gear that don’t have a craftable options.

Does anyone us repair kits on stuff they know how to make? I don’t.

It was about time for them to add Siptah’s recipes to the EL. Make Eldarium and Eldarium recipes drop from the Serpent men in the Well of Skelos and call it a day. There are SO MANY cool weapons we can’t have on the EL that it’s a real waste. And that would give us a freaking reason to go there. We go once, get the recipes and never return. It wouldn’t break the lore since they came from Siptah, fhs! It’s just a matter of adjusting a few tables.

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I do. Mostly because it’s easier to just craft a bunch and have them on me. I usually keep two armor and two weapon kits on me at all times. It’s easier when farming places for a while. However, it seems that this will be a change I’m gonna have to make for most of my stuff. :confused:

I agree. I think with the Stygian invasion coming with AoW, it’s entirely possible to go this route. It’s implied heavily that Stygian forces have stopped off there and are able to leave the island, despite the storms. You’ll notice there’s ships that remain untouched and able to be sailed just fine. Nothing say they can’t gather up eldarium and bring it to the Exiled Lands.

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I like the angle, @jmk1999 . I want Narelle on the EL :smile:. But I want her to be friendly! I hate killing her after reading her journal.

I don’t remember what it said. She attacks instantly, so I don’t really think about lol… anyway, I don’t see why they can’t bring her over, but I doubt they would. It would just be other Stygians. Regardless, I think it would be more plausible that eldarium drops from Stygian invaders rather than serpent men (or in Stygian camp chests), given the narrative… at least for a time. I think eventually having it drop from anyone and found in any chests would be good, implying it’s spreading across the land.

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