About the maproom

Please, just make an option to disable this anti immersive and anti lore system. That could just be greate especially for RP servers.

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anti immersive and anti lore system? i hear they are bringing magic, would it still be considered this once they do? its menat to be ancient before the modern lore of conan, back when the sentinels ruled they had all sorts of things like the map room

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I understand your point but in Conan teleport is absolutely not something like common.

agreed, it should require like a ritual spell or sacrifice or something to mmake it haarder to do

I really don’t believe teleportation is fitting for a survival game like this at all, regardless of whether some advanced species had it in the past or not. It should not exist.


Totally agree with you. Especially in terms of logistic and pvp point of view

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I mostly just play SP and don’t even have a map room built, so I’m fine. It’s just one of those things that really doesn’t fit in. Like the healing arrows we’ll be getting… :man_facepalming:

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yea the healing arrows seem wonkey to me too

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Lord… I just got mine built… don’t take it away…

Its a one way system, why is this an issue?

Lore? the Giant Kings and the Map room are part of the Conan Lore.


Teleportation is part of the lore for Conan. This is a very unique area and the ability was produced by a non human race that is part of lore. That beyond existing has almost no lore associated with them in the stories. As such the game is free to take a liberty like this. Particularly as you have Lemurians and Stgyians in the game. In fact Lore wise the first example of Teleportation that comes to my mind is actually a Lemurian Sorcerer. While that is comic based more than novels it isn’t out of Lore.

Being able to make it is something taught by a ghost of person that is from a non-human pre cataclysm race. This is further helped particularly as it involves a Lemurian Witch. That means you pretty well have something that is Lore comfortable as far as the games source is concerned.

Just to further that point the Comics are a source for the game as there are named Thralls directly from them. Which in my research also suggests some interesting things. As they shouldn’t be able to be in the Exile lands without some question being brought up. Which means there is lore I likely haven’t found in the game yet or isn’t in the game that suggests that what is going on in the Exile Lands is more than meets the eye.


I don’t know old Conan lore as I never read the old books as the writing style was much to dry for my taste. However the Conan cartoon from when I was a kid had Conan and his friends wielding starmetal weapons which they used to send serpentmen back to the realm of Set. Serpent men that had to be summoned in from the realm of Set in the first place.

Now that may have been meant as an analog to killing and raising the dead without explicitly showing it on tv (though to be fair when I was a kid shows used to raise the dead all the time) but it seems to me that teleportation has been in Conan for a long period of time.

I am not saying to remove it, just to let admin the possibility to disable this feature.

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Admins can just say not to build it and if one is they can be punished accordingly. It’s a big item and harder to hide.