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i am wondering…
Well we be able to change our Haircuts In-Game?
it would be a cool Feature!:heart:



I have been running/admining an RP/PVP server for well over a year now and I have some suggestions that I think will not only enhance the game but also the admin side of things.

  1. An Admin Sign Post that could only be spawned in by the admin to post messages to players. This sign would have no land claim issues. For instance, if a player was violating building rules I would be able to spawn in the sign and place it outside of their base to contact the admin team. This would be an extremely helpful tool for admining.

  2. Dye - It would be amazing if banners, carpets, rugs, pillows, etc. could be dyed in game. It would add a lot of variation and flavor to the game. Also, players would love to be able to design their own banners that represent their clan.

  3. Boats - It may sound silly but it would be super cool to have functioning boats in game that either could be built or crafted.

  4. Pippi Mod - There are a lot of features of the Pippi mod that would be extremely helpful to add to Conan Exiles. A major one is the different tabs for chatting, global, guild, local and whisper. Also, there are loads of admin tools that are included in pippi that help with admining a server but using a mod sometimes can put new players off to a server. So it woul be great to see features of this mod like being able to change names, spawn timers for chests and spawning creatures, and so forth added to the actual game.

I hope my suggestions are helpful and I do appreciate you taking the time to read my post!

Let Mitra Shine Upon You and Guide your Path!


I in steam made suggestion. And try here…

Armor and clothing

Well, i suggestion to solve problem with clothing and armors different of races in CE.
In the Conan Exiles very many races. they are not different from each other. they do not have any of their features that distinguish them from each other. I proposed to make for each race its own special armor and clothes which is not found in other races. Armor and clothing for each race has a light, medium and heavy set. If the player wants to get the clothes of another race, he needs a thrall or player of this race. The armors of the factions can be obtained from the slave of this faction. Epic armor can be obtained from recipes.


I do not really like your idea with religions. I mean, the player can learn all the religions from the teachers. I think it’s wrong and not logical. I would suggest that a player can study only one religion. If the player decided to change the religion from teacher, then his former religion is canceled. If the player chooses Crom, then he can to get + 3-5 surv or stng to the characteristics.

Orbs and trebuchet
I suggestion to add the levels to the orbs for the buildings t1, t2 and t3. For a higher level need more ingredients and recurses. I suggest this because with conventional orbs it is possible to destroy the bases t2 and t3. This is not logical and very easy. For t2 and t3 need more hight lvl orbs and boulders.
Also i suggest add Siege Boulder for trebuchet for t1, t2, t3 building.
Boulder t1 or orb t1 cannot to destroy building t2 or t3. For building t2 and t3 need boulder and orbs t2 or t3. Orb t2 cannot to destroy building t3. but orbs and boulder t3 can to destroy t1, t2 and t3.
i not mean explosive jar because for that need more resurces.

PvP and motivation to Fight
Honestly, the game has very few motivations for fighting in pvp. I saw that players on pvp server (!) do not fight, because they say it makes no sense. I suggest adding buffs and debuffs from the gods. If a player does not fight for a long time for the sake of his god, he gets a debuff. If he fights, he gets a buff. It would look like a quest depending on religion.

Thalls and their functions
I understand that you have a problem with the settlement system. However, I suggest you add for thralls more features, commands (follow, stand, attack etc), and behaviors (passive, aggressive etc). And to give possibility for player to take more follow thrall (2+). Also add pls thrall musicians.


Boats would be awesome, especially for hauling large amount of resources.


sorry if there’s already information on that which i didn’t find. will there be the possibilaty to sheath and draw your weapons at some point in the future? i find it ridiculous that your weapons pop up out of nothing… also will there be quivers or sword sheaths? i really hope so because in some aspects that game seems like it could attract me for a long time…


I defintely think that this is a huge luxury feature, that would have huge immersive and practical effect. While i dont expect it to be in at launch, it would be amazing to see weaponry and shields stowed on character. (Twohanded hammer hovering over back <3!)

I realise this is a fair bit of a ask, as Exiles have alot of animations to consider for those external but connected models. Still though +1


About Conan Exiles and the Steam Connection …

With the advent of the release of Conan Exiles up and coming, I’m given to understand that a DVD of the game will a part of this.
But what my biggest concern is this Connection with Steam, it’s becoming seriously outdated and I doubt they will ever bring their system up to snuff with 64 bit architecture.
This Steam Connection has become increasingly unreliable and seems to be the source of many of my major system freezes and crashes. (at least where it’s related to those games I’ve acquired through Steam).
What I want to see (and without any hesitation, purchase), is a released Disk version that does not connect through Steam nor force setting up an account through Steam.

If you want to keep track of achievements, do it here instead of Steam.

I want to be able to log my character onto my leased server without the need to kick up Steam and continue allowing them to chew up resources spent better elsewhere on my system.

Can you do this?


Dear devs

First thank you for working so long and hard for night and day to make this game although I was wondering is there going to be a function to tame SOME creatures I emphasize some because whilst it would be rather difficult to tame one of the many giants seen in the trailers it would allow players to gain both a loyal ally and a trusty pet who knows maybe some could even be rideable and I as a gamer would be more than happy thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you a good day ps will there be local multiplayer thank you for your time a consideration :slight_smile: @andyb


First of all I want to say THANKS @funcom and everone involved in making this great game.

I would also like to add some suggestions which I think is needed.

  1. Gamepad Options
  • Please give us the ability to customize the command for running to a x-box one wireless Controller. Although I have 4 extra Buttons it seems like it Shares some of the Buttons for the X and A button. I don’t like pressing the left stick for the character to start running that is why.
  1. Grouping
  • We Need a way to Group up with others so we can see their Location on the map and also “perhaps” disable friendly target? so we don’t hit each other.
  1. Combat locking
  • I would like to have the abilty to freelook around while target locking a target. At this Moment, i barely use target lock due to the cam beeing locked in a weird angle (Kind of like on eye level) preventing me and prob others to use this as such. Basicly you can’t really see the target sometimes if you lock on them facing the straigth Forward.


Trade and Market system:

I have an idea for market and trade system. with the new actualization players can make gold coins, so the coins can be used for trade objects with a simply interface or menu. without npc’s shops, players are force to buy other players resources or items with this coins. Why? because gold coins are lighter an easy to carry than carry resources in order to make a barter. Prices of items will be regulated by the market rules, in a naturally form. It is necessary to create market buildings and merchandise cart; Players can build this market-building to expose the items for sale, program auctions…etc, and use the merchandise cart to transport the merchandise to the sales place.
Another interesting point, is to create specializations in the skills menu (only one specialization for player) like armouring, weaponsmith, farming, building, cooking, alchemy, etc…
The idea is is that each player has only one specialization, so they are force to trade in order to acquire products that they could not otherwise make. The purpose is to create a rich, fluid market that regulates itself.

Thank you for readme. post your comments!


Lock on Camera while fighting is too near to your character so you easily lose overview in combat. Add adjustable Camera zoom (Xbox One Version)



Loving Conan Exiles. I play the Xbox One version on pvp fast. I know we don’t have the final release version but here’s a couple issues that make pvp annoying in the current version:

Exploitable bugs:
Building under the terrain.
At the Southern aqueduct stairway. There has been a giant stone added here but there’s already a base under it. When the servers wipe I hope this is resolved. A cowardly way for rival clans to hide from my assaults and retaliation. Those of us who fight with honor fully in the open and exposed, can’t stand this.

Infinite stamina.
When in 3rd person if running toward the camera (180 degrees front side of character), the play doesn’t register stamina consumption. People flee and just keep running around instead of depleting their stamina and being overcome eventually. The same cowards who build under the world use this to ensure you cannot catch them and cut off their heads.




If you were to create a masonry, it would clear a lot of clutter from the crafting via inventory. Work stations should really be the only items that needn’t crafting from another source.

Or perhaps a simple option in the crafting menu itself to “hide” specific items. Ie: stone tools, bone arrow, etc.

As a side note; could you please do something about bows? I’m not dissatisfied with archery in combat, but running down a gazelle is far easier than hunting with a bow.



This is a great game with a great design and as a Conan fan I really appreciate all the work and effort funcom put into the game.

My suggestion is to the PvE part of the game, because there´s a big problem with players killing other players thralls and stealling from the workstations without consequences.

  • Make workstations lockable, just like the chests, this will prevent playes to have their stuff stollen;

  • Make thralls impossible to kill by other players or at least if they are attacked, make them all attack the player who provoque them, this a great point, because many players in PvE are there to build and make things fashionable and having players killing their Thralls and stealling their armours and weapons it´s not ok in PvE, perfectly fine and normal to PvP.

  • As I said, many players in PvE are there just to build if people want to steal and pillage, there´s PvP for that and it´s great to do that with all the mechanics available, but for PvE that should not pass.

Just my thought on this issue as I have seen countless persons, myself included, that this issue happens and I play on the official servers and this can ruin the mood and the fun of the game in that particular mode of game.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards;

Rob Robster


Why are the wedge foundations smoothed, yet the standard are cobbled? Me thinks it would be better to smooth them both. As for the ceiling tiles, the wedge has a nice trim where as the standard does not. Again I think they would look far superior smoothed out.

Now go and put forth all this work that I’ve suggested simply because I said you should. Never mind the fact that this is strictly cosmetic and plays no role in its actually function.

Cheers, folk.


Live PC

I’m enjoying the game and so far I haven’t encountered any bugs after starting over. However I do have a gripe. I’m building my base at Dry Falls. Stone nodes are nearly non-existent in the western swungle. In my exploration I have found only one small iron-stone mine with a handful of nodes, and I haven’t found a trace of coal.


Can u pls add more EU Servers to ps4 all off them are full cant play.


I have feedback on the ps4 version of conan.

Firstly is the touchpad, i would recomend using either the left and right presses or the swipe motion. This will allow for more buttons to be freed up for example the right side of the touchpad is the inventory while the left side is the map.

Secondley is the 1st and 3rd person options, their should be an option to hold the up button so that wherever your crosshair is thats where the character faces.

Thirdly is the inventory, the right analogue stick should be used to swap to the different sections (From character to crafting) aswell as use the up and down to navigate the crafting section.

I hope you will consider these options as console players dont have as many key bindings and manuverability in menus.
Thank you for your time.


I feel as though the “combat stance” should really, strictly, be used for dedicated weaponry. Skinning knives, picks, hatchets, torches, etc. should be relegated to the standard idle and walking animation. That boulder isn’t a threat, I assure you.