Account frozen and no answer to my ticket

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well I think this is not a new topic and even if I read that a forum is not the place to ask for support I see that there is a slight chance to get an admin take a look.

Easy to remember: I wrote a ticket with my problem 01.01.2020 - no answer yet. I didn’t play for over one year, I was 12 month premium before but never continued to pay as RL kept me way too busy to even be able to play anymore. Now as I come back I want to transfer my two avatars Achyllys and Magieheini from Fury to Crom - I planned to do that already before I left and bought me the necessary Funcom points. Now I can’t do this transfer as my account is frozen and to move a char I need to select an Abo in the transfer dropdown-menu that shows nothing at all. As I do not plan to publish my login name here in an official forum please take my char names and/or used registrered email here in this forum to take a look. Just set my account to f2p - so I can transfer my 2 chars to Crom - then I will consider to go premium again. But right now this game is useless for me as my main chars are stuck on a more or less dead server without Raidfinder or Raids.

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Have the same issue. Still no answer

Well, you might be about 1/2 way through the ticket queue by now! Just another 1.5 months to go!

Same problem here, account page shows active premium, but account still free to play in game, and no response to ticket at all in over a week. I am thinking I may have to report a fraud to paypal and get my money back. :frowning:

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If you are lucky you will have an answer within 3 months. Do with that information as you wish.

They answered in 3 days. Because i sent ticket not in age of conan section but in common issues. Try it

if you try to get your money back, people usually get their account blocked, it may not be a smart idea !

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I’m waiting for the defrosting of my account since 2014 without jokes.
Even then I wrote in support of probably 10 times both to the game itself and to the general and no answer. Then I scored, I waited for several years, I tried again, I didn’t score an answer again. And so several times. Now I decided to try again several tickets already sent, but there has been no answer for more than a week. This is just some kind of nonsense. For 6 years they have not corrected a mistake in which I am not even to blame and do not give any answer. And now I paid an account for a month and the most interesting thing is that the money was removed without problems but nothing has changed.
I apologize for my English. I use a translator

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Agree 100%

There are 2 different pages for accounts now. I don’t know which is correct.

Customer Support link is Funcom Help - Funcom


I got frozen few moments ago…right after sending ticket for toon deleted by mistake…so I can say goodbye to him:((

edit: toon restored, probably lucky to have sent immediately ticket before account was frozen and a goodhearted GM helped :slight_smile:

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here, ticket n.[Funcom #1133654]
I tried to pay 1 month here but after too much failed payments I gave up here instead I did one and went ok so I was happy and did another to have thus 2 months and was accepted too but after half an hour got frozen (payment still ok ofc, problem is probably the failed payments above)

So it turns out that this is the end? Support is not working. Not in the sense that I was offended and they did not help me, but in the sense it does not work at all. What a pity

I got my account fixed today after 24 days from ticket :grinning: :beers: