Acid weapons completely broken

Hey funcom

So i have done some testing of the new stuff on the test live servers, and to me there seems to be an issue with the acid weapons. These weapons apply an acid debuff that you cant seem to get rid off, it ticks down, but then resets and starts all over untill you are dead pretty much.

Are there anything to cleanse this?
If not, i hope there is a hotfix possible since this is gamebreaking for pvp.


So far I’ve found that the only way to get rid of the acid effect is:

Use a teleport

Encounter a lagspike or loading screen.

So really its all about going around the acid effects reset timer which seems to be bugged somehow and keeps re-applying.

That really needs a fix before launch.


damn well dont release a game with this bug, fix before or delay

closed beta test ? hum… why not take more serious beta testers ? that the kind of bug that hard to miss if played seriouly…

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Nice find, but it would probably have more effect when posted in the testlive forum :slight_smile:


Thank you for pointing this out.

@karlabear can you please message me which weapons exactly. EDIT: Thanks, I’ve got the info.


It begins!

“I don’t care if the beta testers found 300 bugs they missed one that’s unacceptable”

I’m really digging this positivity radiating off you my guy


Yeah that might be true, i just thought it would be good to post under new map since its a bug directed to incoming early access in 2 days.

Maybe, I am not playing the testlive this time, but every time I do then I mainly check the testlive forum to see what others have found and also to see if something I have experienced has happened to others :slight_smile:

again it seem to be a bug that broke the gameplay if the bug is confirmed to not be able to heal from acid. if fight tested seriously it should have been found, fight is an essential component for all the pvp side, it’s about to be sell in little bit than 24h…it has been found in 24h by kalandaar because of access testlive. dont know, please take people like him to do beta test, at least for pvp side.

i dont want to farm hours, be killed, lost all, because some will exploit this bug and that i will not be in position to do anything again it if this is to use the bug… which i do not want.

i m sure funcom will do all to adress it before release, but if not well delay.

The problem is that after each update you can’t re-test everything all over again, there are hundreds of items (not sure if you have seen TestLive admin panel). If it was working once you don’t always test it after each patch. Same happens on TestLive. All works fine, then last-minute changes get pushed to live, something slips through. If you find anything else that broken, please do report it.


ok if this is that it can happens, and its important to explain it (most of us are here since early access conan, you know what we have been through…).

i really hope it will be corrected before tuesday release. @karlabear need a reward :slight_smile:

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me too :slight_smile:

Almost as if a recent update in the last 24 hours might have changed some things from the closed beta and opened the possibility of a new bug that wasn’t previously there. I’m sure at least one tester was using the acid mechanic, very frequently and would have noticed if that bug was around since the start.

Imagine if now that the testlive was open we had more serious testers to help out, instead of slinging insults on the forums without knowing what they’re talking about.

where do you see insult ? serious or not serious is not an insult.

i’m customer, i buy product, personally i don’t want to test. test is a work, that my point of view.

now if new map is free, no problem.

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It is to the testers who found more bugs than you will ever know, and yet you sit on your high horse and complain about one

Then you really have no place to comment. If you’re not willing to contribute serious feedback then maybe the early access isn’t for you.

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hey jimbo, i i bought conan since early access and bought all dlc, did a lot of job to have pvp server clean, you don’t have right to give lesson to me.

i saw all the release some with major bug, i can give my advice i think , or you don’t share the same view with me on freedom, in this case no need to argue more.

Idk sounds like you did work by playing the early access

Your view is unproductive, misinformed, and ultimately has no effect but annoying the testers and devs.

sure 8k hour gameplay, and you have no idea what i have been through

Oh go ahead, bring in hours. Clearly you don’t know much about me. I’m impressed you’ve played for 8k hours and still act like this.

have fun