Add a warning when removing a foundation with any kind of container on it

I accidentally removed a foundation and in the process fell into the water under my base. I did not see any loot bags, hopefully only due to the debris from the foundation and not because they actually didn’t spawn.

I lost seven thralls, a lot of steel and star metal, and quite a few tools and workbenches. I am not a “grind grind grind” player; it took me quite a while to build up those resources, and this happened on a server where I am not an admin, so I can’t just spawn things in to replace them. There was nothing to stop me from removing the foundation with the chests on it other than my ability to see what I have selected, and obviously that was not enough.


Yes I recently did the same thing it’s a pain lol

that would be great, hopefully it’s not to late to implement something like that.

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