Add ability to smelt gold/silver powder back to bar

Please add the ability to smelt gold and silver powder back into bar.

i’ve been told before it’s like this to ‘burn’ the silver/gold… but that doesn’t make any sense as we use up the powder when creating alchemical base.



They would either need to make the dust to bar exchange really inefficient or change the way coin exchange currently works.

Reason being that the coin exchange is already inefficient: 30 coins ► 1 bar ► 5 coins

If dust to bar exchange wasn’t inefficient, you could do this: 30 coins ► 60 dust ► 6 bars

To fit the coin inefficiency, it would have to be: 60 dust ► 1 bar ► 10 dust

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the coin/bar/dust exchanges all being perfect efficiency, as melting down precious metals to recycle them is about as close to perfect efficiency as you can get in the real world.


agreed. they should balance out the smelting. i’m just tired of piles of dust in my box. should be bars.

btw, does a purge thrall smelts at the same rate as a level 1?

i could understand a small ‘loss’ but there’s really no reason for it. we lose the metal when using it for other recipes. just incorporate it in more recipes to decrease supply (valuable recipes, of course)

there should be a compelling reason to smelt my bars/dust into coin … something involving trade would be cool. basically, it would kick off an in-game market

Assuming that in-game coins and bars are have the same impurities in their composition, based on their relative weights (0.1 for a bar and 0.01 for a coin), the rate should simply be 10 coins to a bar. Of course, basing the conversion rate on weight would mean that 1 coin would produce only 1 pile of dust.

that’s fine. just some stable standard.
it’d even make sense if better thralls yield a better conversion

and please, dust smelts easily back to bar

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