Add two new purges to keep the older player challenged

Hey Funcom,

Would it be possible to add 2 new surges for experienced players? Figured adding something like that isn’t a ginormous task compared to some additions. Could add 2 new ones and bluntly state these are very hard ones, and have fighters with +str. You could make it so that faction had much much higher stats when fighting against them, and a small buff when used as a thrall over say Karthok/Aesir Berserker. Make it so each platform is a struggle :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a challenge, then you might consider Age of Calamitous or Extended Endgame Weapon Arsenal.

Both add post level 60 content that you may actually need to find a group for (including possibly needing tanks and healers… which is something base game does not even come close to needing).

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