Adding gliders for exiles

Something inspired by the WOW engineering hand-glider - with Conan having climbing and parkour elements, it’d be really fun to glide off some of the tallest points after the long mission up! Even a high cost one time use item would be nice and it’d allow us to have gliding distance contests and such :smiley:


I can dig it!

Gliding would be awesome… in a different game. Conan had no lazers either btw.


Yes and no. Yes, they could be made using the ample supply of leather we have and since there are no mounts could allow for some slow travel to the ground. The gliders could be crude in nature and only take you down from a higher point as they’re real heavy. No, it couldn’t be high tech at all, pretty much a free falling coast with damage as you crash! And another one needs to be built. :thinking: The idea is interesting.

Gliders have been thought to be the work of sorcery! Sorcery is coming…

We do have a lot of leather… and twigs… and twine…


and feathers…

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As a Gw2 fan, I endorse this message.

It shouldn’t be something you just pull out of your inventory, it should be a multi-step build that you set up near a high point and whenever you find the time, use it to glide down. It could give leather twine(or sturdy string) and branches more of a use.

Would probably need a limit per character similar to bedrolls so it doesn’t become overpopulated. Something like 3 per character should be good.

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Yeah if it was ever put in, it should be fairly costly of these matts and not be easy to spam

…and human flesh, mountains and mountains of human flesh… why are y’all looking at me like that?

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:thinking: Built in the carpenters bench [how long until we get the improved version?] so you can’t just build one out of your pack for a quick getaway like the Hamburglar. An elevator that goes diagonal one way and down, that has no connection system, i.e. you don’t need attach points like the elevator. It’s also heavy in your inventory and I think you should crash in the end and take damage. Costly yes!

If you could drag a thrall behind you it would be even more fantastic, some thralls are hard to get back to base due to the terrain. That last sentence might be more of a joke! :rofl:

Batman approves the gliders! You should learn it from the tower of the bats! :grinning:

This looks about right for Conan!

Make it fragile and vulnerable to ranged attacks. Place a few archer thrall’s and hopefully any high fliers would be shot out of the sky. To their death!

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Hummmm, this doesnt seem to fit Hyboria, it doesnt exist in the books/hqs, and its kinda modern for that age.

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probably not. A fun what if though

Since we’re getting explosive arrows, I gotta agree with you.

I’d sooner see ziplines than gliders, for Conan.

And no… elevators do not make good ziplines. I’m talking about ARK style ziplines.

In Conan’s defense the only time I remember him gliding is when he was on the back of giant bat, giving a lecture on head injuries to said bat.

Pulls out his black and white comics from the 80s.

That’s cool, put giant bats up on the ridges like vultures and we can beat/ride them down lol.

Hey look glider’s are already in the game

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People made kites thousands years ago and without any lazerz ( :wink: khitan kites, you know).

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