Flying wings equipment/modification

i think there should be a piece of equipment or chest armor upgrade/modification that enables players to fly. But as a trade off , this equipment would be extremely expensive and late game.for example they would cost 500 feathers, 10 fragments of power, 100 layered silk, 2 hearts of a hero, and a piece that you have to kill a boss in order to get. also as a compensation it would need momentum to fly so you can’t just fly into anyone’s small wheel of pain base ,for example, steal the thralls and fly back out. You would also be able enter flight mode while falling, so you can save yourself from death or damage. i know this sounds imaginary and almost impossible but it would be cool if implemented in game.

In PvP, we could have an airborn infantry division with parachutes!!! fine!!!

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I think you played a long time the MMO Aion :wink:.

I don’t think that flying around with your own wings fitts well in the Conan lore…


Not unless you’re a winged ape, or a demon, or a bat monster.

Seriously, the Hyborian Age is a low-magic, low-technology setting. Gnome flying machines, Dwarf Gyrocopters or even Leonardo da Vinci’s flying gadgets do not fit in the theme. Adding bits of cardboard to your arms and flapping very hard doesn’t work.

Hang gliders are about the highest tech I could conceivably see in the setting, and they’re dependent on launching from a high altitude and gliding a long distance. They’d be limited in usefulness.


I agree… On my side I consider lifts and elevators as very close to sorcery!!! I would put in jail the engineer who built them. The Gods accepted the idea of stairs… but elevators, no!!!

Maybe we could banish explosives…
only fire, steel and muscles. A horse and my sword (with a sweet concubine across my saddle… of course)

Poison, explosives and elevators are for Sorcerers!!! Sorcery is powerful enough!

Elevators are probably more lethal to players with thralls than explosives or poison, anyway.

(Alchemical explosives do have their precedents in Howard’s Conan stories, but they were indeed the tool of sorcerers. I don’t remember any elevators, but Nabonidus from Rogues in the House could certainly have built something like that. Maybe not self-powered like in the game, though. That does smell like foul sorcery.)

the wheel of pain, with ropes and pulleys could activate some sort of crane or elevator. A river could activate some mill too. But this could be given only to a High Lord able to afford a good Engineer.

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Yeah, I suggested tying the elevators’ functionality to the Wheel of Pain a long time ago. I think it wasn’t taken seriously.

To be frank, I feel it very complicated!
What could be done is to have two design SKINS (only skins) for the wheel of pain:

  • a) one with vertical axe, as it is today, working as it works today

  • b) one with horizontal axe (the guys walking “like a hamster” in its wheel), working as it works today.

just skins… no more.

The player who wants to explain how his elevator is working can put the b) skin at the top of the wall, near the elevator. We could have this “vanity” variation without complicated mechanics.


Ooooh, a slave-powered elevator :heart_eyes:

I would think a better idea would be Bat Demon mounts.

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Please NO! This is Hyboria, not Ark, etc!
It’s crazy - Hyboria with flying nonsenses


I’m pretty sure Funcom has stated that there will never be flying added to the game.


Well, they said the same about horses… But flying would be incredibly unlikely, seeing as there are very few precedents of flight in he Conan lore, and those tend to be tied to foul sorcery and consorting with demons (such as the bat-monster Conan used for flying in The Scarlet Citadel).

No, they said they wanted to do mounts, but couldn’t. They said they wouldn’t do flying. Big difference.

Not only would this completely kill the lore of the game, it would also ruin both pvp and pve. There is no way to add balance to introducing personal flight to the game, it would destroy whole servers


Personally, I would like them to add a flying bat creature you can summon (like The Scarlet Citadel), but it would only fly you from your current location back to a bat creature roost that you would construct and be limited to only 1 (like a bedroll).

Essentially, it would be a return-to-base teleport.

To prevent abuse, it would probably need a combat interruptable delay from actively summoning the bat creature until it arrives and picks you up and maybe a cooldown timer as well.

Only downfall is the mounts nature to snack on the rider, no those need to be made into skins.

sounds like a map room…

The one of the Developers (Joel Bylos) very early on has said there will never be flying ever, because the map is too small.

So I wouldn’t count on it.

But enough things have changed since then, who knows?