Additional inventory for saving items after death. ("Secure containers" from the game "Escape from Tarkov")

EFT has an additional inventory where you can put certain items the player needs (medicine, ammo, keys…) so that when you die, you don’t have to acquire them again.
I really lack similar mechanics for “Conan Exiles”, because very often outside of home I need certain items that I may lose in the event of death and so I have to leave it at home to save resources and time (Legendary Patch Kit in the early stages is long enough to obtain).
How it should work.

  1. Fixed size (4 cells should be enough)
  2. Limited category of items (Repair/Patch Kit, various potions (Aloe, buff), keys, food.)
    Weapons, armor, resources are not allowed.

If you play on single players adjust to keep inventory on death! Online there are plenty private servers that do have this feature!
Sorry, this feature makes the game boring for me, I 'll pass!

No, no, no. On these servers, ALL items are saved (or only what you are wearing, if the appropriate mod is installed). In my post, the idea is to save a certain amount of consumables.

I wrote my post a little bit more to make it clear what I mean…Also, I forgot to mention the limited size…

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