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I really wish there was a way for Admins to designate creations that are purely Admin-related, and for the rest of the players on a server. I wish the Admins could go in to our servers and do content-creation (shops/fighting pits/merchants/storyline) and then pop out and go back in as non-Admin to enjoy the game as a player.

At the moment I get told that xyz have just stolen all my abc from this or that chesr when it ain’t mine, but a loot chest. My game-placed NPCs don’t attack me when I am non Admin, but will attack everyone with me in the group.

If the game treated Admin created items/etc as owned by ADMIN_FLAG then it would be interesting to see - though, of course, Exploiters and Griefers would be all over this and servers will again be unplayable.


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Can’t the PIPPI mod do things like that? Since you mention having/being an admin, I assume you’re playing a private server where mods would be an option :slight_smile:

It’s a cool idea. Conan Exiles is a great platform for all sorts of playstyles, including role-playing games.

That said, Funcom’s vision seems to be more focused towards survival and PVP - which is fine, that’s what it said on the tin when I took on the bracelet and climbed onto the cross - so it may be that their development resources for role-players will be limited.

Couldn’t your idea be realized with just enabling multiple accounts for one player? Then you could have one Admin account for creating and maintainning the game world, and another character to adventure there.

Flagging admin-spawned objects as belonging to “someone else” would probably be more difficult because then Admin-mode players couldn’t spawn stuff for their own benefit. Or there’d need to be a separate checkbox for “spawn this for myself” or “spawn this as a gift” in the admin panel.

If either option was easily doable, it’d open up a lot of new possibilities for RPGers.

However, I suspect this would be more likely done as a mod than as a part of the main game.

Yep Kapoteeni, creating multiple accounts - but I suspect that requires multiple payments too! :slight_smile: otherwise it will definitely be used for abuse and piracy.

My suggestion is purely a concept ideal that I strongly doubt would be at all practical. Possibly as something only available to Roleplay servers or PvE only, but even then.

I added it as a suggestion ‘just in case’ @Jens_Erik @Tascha had magical powers they could wave wands over :smiley:

Even as a mod, it would be a nightmare as it might work till a game update, but would also make the server go bananas with Decay and the like. Perhaps a DLC that allowed Admin placements, though that again would be embraced by exploiters and cheats.

To be fair, I guess I will have to get used to the current way and accept the fear and grovelling of players on my servers seeing me and doing the whole genuflection and idolising thing - or the ‘what the hell were you thinking?! I wanted to build there!’ thing.

It does not (if on PC anyway), though obviously only one person can play at a time, no matter how many accounts they create (I believe there is a hard limit on those, too - five maybe?). It’s not Conan Exiles specific, it’s a Steam feature (Family Sharing).

For building as an admin completely separate from your “players” buildings, you could definitely do the multi-account thing (again, PC only though).

Mikey, that is a good question, but at present, nope. The adds I am referring to include the PIPPI Thespians and all the stuff from the other excellent mods (not naming as so many awesome ones). All the merchant areas that are done are all listed against the respective Admin.
Enabling multiple Player accounts for one Game…? Yep, that may work, but to be honest, I did not (do not) know how that is done outside of multiple game registrations? I will check out the Family account sharing, though I think it will be a schlep.
Flagging as owned by someone else would certainly make FunCom be justifiably tempted to breach the Geneva Convention in some way: can you imagine how griefers and exploiters would have a field day with that? lol (let alone Decay, which already makes the Admin placements at risk).

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Oh I think all of this would have to be admin-only, going by the logic that if your admin is corrupt/malicious, you’re pretty screwed anyway :slight_smile: :rofl:

I should think and hope so! :smiley:

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