Admin Panel Cheat self [PC]

Hello there, I discovered as an admin that under building a lot of armor listed there, think something went wrong :smiley:

Yeah, the admin SpawnItem panel needs a proper clean and sort by the devs.

This was asked about once before. The answer that was given in the Live Stream is that they ran out of space and items over flowed into other categories.

Hey sigrun,

Would you be kind to post a screen of this nice location on the map please?

Sure here they are but since the update in this tiny oasis there is a big monster crocodile. I had issues that my buildings are disappearing while moving on to an other server with the same savegame. You can still build there but some animal corpses will not disappear.

I ported there in my solo game and suddenly almost all buildings disappered. But it is a really nice location.
Made a video couple weeks ago, perfect for a little village.

edit: I just double checked and it was the decaying system that half of my base was gone, I checked it on solo with an older savegame. Still need to check it on our private server but apperantly the server has a newer revision number than my client so I need to wait for a patch.

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Great, nice!
Was sure it was near Nbatu 's camp, but not 100% so thanks, i’ll give it a shot at some point.
But i see you talked about a croc boss? in this area,right? so will see…
have fun mate!

There is definetely a croc boss there, we had to shrink the land claim radius for some reason and it appeared. This croc has a ridiculus amount of hp, so be aware.
have fun :slight_smile:

If it’s the same one as the one in the middle of the southern lake near the starting area,it is indeed insane the amount of hp it has.
We were trying to kill that thing yesterday with hardened steel weapons and we only took away 10% of its max HP in about 15 min (we were 2 players and weren’t doing too bad imo).
So for me the first 15 min were challenging and fun and then it was nothing less than a boring montain of hp…kinda disappointed in that regard.
Anyway we decided to give up because it was not worth the time…

Due to our experiment of the claim radius the croc spawned in the oasis and attacked me, all my dancers where running around the croc and as I fled towards my drawbridge it got bugged underneath. All the archers did nothing and just stared at the croc, finally I had to use admin shift+del to kill it - I got the achievment “The Snout in the Dark - Defeat the Giant Crocodile”.
I guess I was lucky that my little village was build before the patch came out otherwise I wouldnt be able to build there. Worldbosses have way too much hp to fight alone but there are good and boring ways to kill them - a million of arrows and a high position will do it but is this fun?

Yesterday we encounterd the bonedragon, this dude makes a fire breath that almost instantly will kill you but we managed to kill it. The giant snake on the way was way too tough, snakefight was much harder than the dragon because you can dodge out of the attack but the snake just hits you with a insane of precision.

Lets see next week on the 8th…

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Was it this one?

About archers not shooting and looking at you being destroyed, i have already created a thread about it. My guess is that devs are already aware of this issue because how could they simply not be? but since i haven’t seen any official aknowledgement of it, we can’t be sure…
Yeah i read about the dragon breath somewhere and the difficulty about the giant snake/spider being too high.
As tedious and long the fight against the croc could have been, i can definitely imagine the story with these other bosses…lol
cheers mate.

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This looks familiar but different location, I guess that all croc bosses looks the same - a big saltwater crocodile like they have in australia.
Anyway we’ll see tomorrow what funcom is releasing, sure there are some surprises :crocodile:

Most world bosses are pretty easy with a good shield. The giant crocodile seems to have a lot more health than most, though. I actually killed it with a pair of stone daggers around level 12… I had to repair so many times - I kept running around picking up rocks to do so.

How long did it take you then? i’m curious…

I didn’t time it, but quite a long time. Unfortunately I did that before the achievements were released so I went back a day or two ago using level 60 gear. It was a ‘lot’ faster this time, still took a bit though.