Advanced armor bench not working

I’m on series x and after I unlock the epic exiles the Advanced armor bench does not display the layered fur/silk or hardened leather and when scrolling down has a strange graphical glitch in the menus.

Layered fur/silk and hardened leather are now (since the new benches were added) moved to the tanner’s worktable - you should be able to find them in there. (Extra tip - try sticking an armorer on that bench for a couple of extra recipes that you can’t get with a tanner.)

I’m not sure about the graphical glitch - are you able to share a screenshot to help clarify what the issue is?


Graphical glitch = when FC changed the armor a while back (removing Epic n stuff) it introduced a stutter on the right hand menu.
When you scroll quickly through items in advanced (and up) benches, it creates a stuttering effect as highlighted items are different (levels?). ‘Regular’ vs Purple Bracketed.
At least on XBSX.

And the last thing I want to do is report it and have FC devote time to fix this and, not the more game breaking bugs. :expressionless:

And welcome Cypher-66. :slight_smile:

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