ADWARE DLC Popup annoying me every game launch!

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Complete annoyance, every damn time i open and run Conan Exiles i get a popup covering the entire screen and menus asking to buy DLC which i already own anyway!. Stop the adware garbage please! Going to go leave negative review solely on this annoying money grab you are broadcasting!

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So you enjoy the game enough to buy dlcs but you will write a negative review because of a launch screen … Idk what to say really …


Sorry this is happening to you, Neth. It also happened to me for a period of time the middle of last year, but a click of a button makes it go away and mine eventually stopped completely.

Personally, I considered it a mild inconvenience and I am vehemently opposed to adware on the sites I visit, but the benefits of enjoying the game outweighed the click.

I hope you continue to have fun with the game !



PS: It could have been hitting escape, I do not remember.

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To be fair to the OP, it IS rather annoying - even more so when it’s for a product you already bought, inside another product you bought. It’s also not a new thing, it started happening around the time DLCs started appearing.

Leaving a negative review over it may be a bit excessive, but, well… to each their own.


Shoot, ive been away playing pokemon cause im a super cool adult like that. Anyway they announced dlc and all of a sudden there was a big fat button on the main menu ingame. It went away when you bought it, but ill take a quick pop up whwn launching the game over an ever present ad for it ingame.

I like the game, i have 4k hours in ARK and am done with it, Conan has surprised me with being very enjoyable, although it has some serious bugs but eh. So did ARK.

The Screen is hell annoying every time. Actually i have a worse issue.
For some reason whenever the game launches it exits teamspeak on me, every singe time! Yes Discord blah blah i know but i’m old and so is my clan.

I’ve experienced the same for Photoshop and/or 3dsMax - I reported it here but it was apparently a rather unique issue (no comments, feedback or acknowledgment).

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Another user mentioned that battleeye was killing some of their other applications when starting the game. Could it be it for you as well?


I love this game, but an option to hide dlc parts we haven’t bought yet in the feats menu, also to have a little more order in there, would be neat.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue as it’s been reported in the past. However it seems to be localized to some clients at random and we haven’t found yet a reliable repro case.
We’ll send note again to our team.


Could we get, as low priority of course, a feature request for the feat menu, like a check box, to hide dlc parts we haven’t bought yet? Sorry to bother.


You are a legend, thank you!

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