AFK Update - Better but AFK still possible

Official Server 1808
Still AFKers out there

So I was on the server this morning and there were about 22 players listed (according to B key) as on. The server crashed and after it restarted there was a max of 12. I suspect many of the others were AFKers who were booted by the crash.

I know you tried to fix AFK with a 30 min idle limit. But here is how the AFKers are avoiding being idle while still being AFK.

  1. Pick a corner in a building or a wall
  2. Drop a bedroll
  3. Top off your character with food and water. Then face your character into the corner or into the wall
  4. weigh your W key down with something so that it is constantly held down and the character is walking into the wall but going nowhere

Usually good for 4-5 hrs or more. If you refill food and water lasts even longer. If it dies it will respawn at bedroll and keep walking.

If u knew about this, great, but it still works. I tried it after the AFK fix (please don’t ban me) and it still works. If u didn’t know about it “your welcome”.

Get rid of the cheaters.