After 18 years, I finally join this game


I was watching things about Conan Exiles, then the steam page show me that page, which reminds me that it still exist.

In 2008 I was barely able to make this game work with minimum settings, but now, with a medium range laptop I make everything works in maximum graphics while the laptop is not even plugged !

Remembering how violent, gore, and adult the content is, I couldn’t resist, and even surrounded by a thousand of games I can play, I just want to play this one.
So I grabbed the steam pack with all the expansions litterally 30 second before the discount ended.

I see in a lot of topic that this game is dying, so I wanted to give you a positive vibe from someone that will discover this very cool game and hope to reach your power and skill, then play with you in the high level.

:underage: :partying_face:


Welcome, the game has seen better days but there is still much to discover and enjoy for the first time.

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Welcome aboard!


I agree , so nice to be able to enjoy the full beauty of AoC after all those years !
Welcome aboard !


Thanks :smiley:

I tried the invincible mode, but instantly died when I was 2 meters away from lava, no luck :smiley:

Lava is one of Unconquered’s worst ennemies…