Again, please allow resting in beds/rolls to regen

It just makes sense. Let me plop my bed down and sleep through the sand storm and regenerate health. Please and thank you, Vani :slight_smile:

This is a good idea. Maybe you should post it in Suggestions instead of General Discussions.

A lot of cries that it would be ‘unbalancing’ to PvP would follow adding this.

Raiding a base, where the defenders can rotate out to nap, and heal, would somehow be unfair to many who as attackers need to bring healing items… or worse, build an actual camp to lay siege to a stronghold, requiring logistics, and needing to defend their foothold while simultaneously keeping up an attack.

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There’s always the regen perk from vitality stat

VIT 30 is a long way for new players :wink:

Guess your right, I wasn’t even thinking about new players. It’s been awhile since I started over.
Thinking of it that way, it does seem like a good idea. I remember the first sandstorm I ran into, it was horrifying I couldn’t find shelter in time and ran into hyena’s everywhere. If a bedroll could act as a portable shelter, I would of survived it.

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I don’t think you should be able to “bedroll” you out of a sandstorm.

But it would help new players with low health that can´t eat their way in any reliable mean to 100%.

Alternative some kind of benefit of eating Aloe raw.

Maybe can rest once per ingame day (If possible) and depends on the bed, you heal more/less.

just sort out the health regen with dancers and bring one of them with you to raids.

I don’t see the use of this. I do however think Primitive Cooking should be a free level 1 feat. Savory Meat is everywhere once you experiment a bit with killing passive animals, and it heals an insane amount with starting vitality. It’s a very accessible form of healing.

Defenders always have the advantage, so I say let the attackers suffer.

hello op, I hope you see this as I made an account just to provide you with an answer on how you can survive the sandstorm and freely explore even when you are on lower level and still roaming the part of map affected by sandstorm.
all you have to do is unlock the feat for building tents, the easier to make tent is portable as in can always be picked up after placed, and offers shelter if you stand in it.placing the open part of the tent facing a wall a rock or anything else improved the shelter to almost full to the point the sandstorm don’t even take a single hp from you. it weights 5, can be used to sit on it safe from mobs at night if you are cought in the open and you can even hang a lantern for light and or warmth, which can be used to go up in the snow to explore even at lower LVL, as you set it up , warm up so you can eat food and heal than pick up and go again, important you always pick the lantern first tent after.
I’m unable to post a pic of my leaf tent with 3 lanterns hanging as it tells me new accounts can’t post images.
hope you understand what I’m saying.


I want the sandstorm to get me to level 60 instantly and finish the main questline instantly. What is the point of playing the game am I right?

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No, just don’t want to have eat an entire lizard/bird/rhino to regen. Have beds and mats and sleeping bags of all kinds already why not have a rest option to regen. Wait out sand storm whatever. Why is food the only regen?

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I’m sorry, please no…once you get used to the game mechanics it’s really not that hard…the fun part is learning how to SURVIVE…you’ll see,trust me.

5 weight for a tent is a lot for a low level player, and a high level player has probably unlocked the sandstorm mask recipe. The mask weighs less than the tent at 3.15 and prevents damage from both sandstorms and noxious gas.

I don’t want bed rest healing for the purpose of being able to survive sandstorms. I want it so I can heal at home without having to gobble down valuable bandages, potions, or high quality foods. Limit it to beds and not bed rolls, and limit the healing effect to once per in-game day. Seems reasonably fair to me.

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