Passive Healing suggestion

Consider adding passive regeneration while immobile within a short distance of an owned bed. Perhaps a slower version while immobile near an owned bedroll or sitting on a chair.
I Suggest the old ‘soothing’ rate while resting at an owned bed in shelter. Otherwise the current sated rate while resting immobile at an owned bedroll (regardless of shelter), or sitting on a chair/throne.
Dancers would then regain some value/use as they could enhance the resting healing rate based on tier.

I picture a player, sitting on his throne while a dancer entertains him nearby slowly resting and recuperating from the day’s endeavors.

I feel something like this would be a good compromise to the general hammer that was inflicted on the health and welfare of players. It certainly doesn’t change the consequences in a battle, but provides a method to slightly mitigate the changes outside of combat situations.


I agree.
Passive healing now does 1 point every 3 seconds, only when fully fed. I find myself constantly consuming honey now to stay fed, clicking whatever key i have assigned to food every 6 seconds or so, just so my character can heal 1/3 of their health in like 5 to 6 minutes.
It would make sense to have passive healing scale with level of hunger. You should heal faster at max hunger, having it only drop to the level it currently is around maybe half starvation.

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