Beds and healing

I can appreciate the whole no passive healing thing, it adds challenge but I think something like healing while resting on a bed should be a thing with scaling effect. Lowest healing rate being like outdoors on a fiber bed, scaling up to the best possible rate being indoors with a high tier/quality bed with the varying shelter status always being among the more superior regardless of the bed quality.


Nice idea, makes sense. UP

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That does sound neat i also want to add in this if you are in a tent and just chilling then you should get increase healing but if you are starving/ thristy this is negated.


That would be a good idea, resting does help with healing in general so this would work. :smiley:

Having the [shelter] status should provide some healing. Makes more sense than eating 18 pieces of meat.


I suggested this a couple of months ago along with passive regen from simply sitting, so I’m definitely on board with the idea. I also like the idea of anything related to resting (as mentioned) such as tents/shelters, campfires, certain religious icons such as statues, or, especially Mitra fountains, etc.


Sounds great. When I started, I initially ran back to my bed hoping it’d be possible. So I would love to see it.

Praying too should also heal, that’d be awesome

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