Age of Calamitous - Miner Profession

When you choose your guild profession, you can be a miner. My friend chose this profession and now he is frustrated because he must grind and grind to make the crates.

I was thinking that maybe he makes more money when he sells these items because it is so hard work, but now it seems that I make more money with the moonshine. The joke is that making moonshine is so much easier than the miner stuff.

What do you guys think about this? Is the miner profession pain in the ass what comes to the money making in the game or does the hard work pay at the end of the day?

Go aoc discord and write it them, not main game developers, tho maybe they are there too @Espen-Johansen << this guy

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As others said, check their discord to discuss this. They may have balance issues they need your help with.

With that said, what tools is your friend using? Its my understanding that mining with Crescent and above tools with an enchantment can yield extremely high amounts of material.

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