Age of Conan, DX10

Hi there,

Yes, I found it and ran it and the same result. :frowning: Thanks for trying to help!

Thanks for the pointer, it didnt do anything different after installing it - same error.

I think I am going to stick with DX9 for now. Even the help I got off the Microsoft forums didn’t help either.

( DX10 and Age of Conan crashes - Microsoft Community)

Hi, Salvo!
Horribly…(have read a “helpful” advices under that link))) - do useless work for several hours or even days for unnecessary GENERAL diagnostics, but we don’t know what to fix for games in our damned 11th Windows, and even we don’t want to know, just dont care :crazy_face:. I’m very sorry about your situation, Salvo.

Hi Nikol,

Yeah I felt that the MS reply was a little generic :smiley:

I’ll stick with DX9 for now - the game is too good not to play because of DX10!

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions here!!

Are you using Sweet FX maybe? Heard of a friend who had trouble playing on DX10 with Sweet FX.

Nope, not using SweetFX, nor ReShade either.

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