Age Of Conan Launcher "DirectX is out of date" Error

Hi, I have DirectX 12 installed in my computer, but since today, AoC started giving me this error “DirectX is out of date” out of nowhere. It then opens up a directx installment, I run it, try to start the game again and it gives me the same error. This has never happened to me before and I play AoC for several years. I also tried uninstalling AoC, downloading the game again and try to reinstall it but the same problem is still there after I open up the patcher. What is wrong? I also started recieving the “0xc00007b” error in another game, are the two connected somehow?

It is possible that they’re related but I couldn’t tell without getting more information. This is best done through Please visit that site and create a tech support ticket. We’ll be happy to troubleshoot for you.

Hi I have the same problem … Did you ever manage to find a solution??

I have Direct X 12 from installing the RTX 2060. I get the error that it needs directX 11 10.0 runtime, then closes
This doesn’t seem to have been answered, so we’re SOL

AoC runs with DX9/10. Which Version did you choose in the launcher Settings?

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You could try navigating to the game folder…

Find PatcherSetup.exe and run as admin. This usually forces a DX check/update.

Theres also dxwebsetup.exe in the folder as well to force the DX to redownload.

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Thanks Halfdead that seems like it is worth a try … atm I have directX 12 it insists on trying to instal directx9 at boot and windows 10 advpak.dll won’t let it change anything and it crashes out … Well sincere thanks anyway Halfdead I tried both but same problem it goes to “update” direct X and run dxwebsetup.exe and advpak.dll doesn’t like it. Tried clicking on the AgeOfConanDX10 icon Frenjord and I got "code execution cannot continue because d3dx9_41.dll is not found … Thank you both for your suggestions I appreciate your time … I go back trying some other things . Again sincere thanks to you both

Did you run the setups as administrator as Halfdead suggested ?
DirectX 12 should have contain everything to run applications using previous versions of DirectX.
The problem with advpacck.dll can mean that your windows got corrupted somehow.

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Thanks Cappa , yes I have tried to run the DirectX setup again for DirectX 12 and yes once again advpack12 intervenes … I am starting to suspect a corrupted Windows 10 … I am going to try copying a friends advpak.dll on the week end (same version of windows et. al.) and pasting that over mine … then if that doesn;t work I’ll have to think how to fix windows … blergh … Thank you for your time and help.