DirectX 10?! Hoping for a Solution

Hello everyone!! I just started playing AoC UC since being absent since release hahah. I forgot how much I loved this game, Anyways I have a brand new rig and installed the game and can only seem to run it in DirectX 9 and x 10 seems to crash to desktop after like 30 seconds of being in game, I was hoping someone could help me fix this as it’s even prettier in DirectX 10… many thanks guys!!

Have you Windows 7 ?! then remove update KB2670838

brand new pc wouldnt have windows 7. windows 7 isnt compatible with newer cpus.

Windows 10 Ryzen 5950 32gb RAM Nvidia 3090 ssd hard drives.

Its your graphic driver, it crashes with latest one. Use 457.51 and all will be fine.
I had the same problem with it.

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