Game crashes during cutscenes

Windows 10 Home, 64bit
Geforce GTX 970
i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHZ

Every time there is a cut-scene the game crashes. I ran a dxdiag and everything is fine. I made sure that I have the latest nvidia update. I am enjoying the game, and I will keep playing it, but I would really like to watch the cut scenes in game instead of having to go to youtube.

Two things:
A. have you tried switching directX in the launcher. People get different experiences with different DX.
B. Latest isn’t necessary the best. At some point Nvidia driver became a bit tempremantal with the game. Like some crash, some work fine and some so/so. I am sure soon someone answers that knows the specific versions.

Hope you aren’t put of by the game by those issues as the game is pretty enjoyable…just has “times”, especially when newly starting out.

Edit: Have been informed that 436.15 is the latest driver version that is confirmed as stable.

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Do mean switching to Direct X 9?

Yes. thats it. I see most people crashing on latest Nvidia driver to.

I had to back two older one.

Works lots better with Direct 9. Thank you!

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