Is anyone familiar with this? (Win10 woes)

Hi guys, I’m hoping someone can offer some advice (I did try looking for similar questions but couldn’t find any) -
Fresh install of ConanExiles on a new machine, with Win10 (also fresh install). I can get the Funcom Launcher to run, but launching the game gets me: “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine”.

I’ve looked around online, but can only find third-party executables, while the official site only offers a win7 version and says that Win10 already includes DirectX11 (and one unhelpful tip that claims this means I need a new graphics card, which seems unlikely…).

Does anyone know what this means, or what I need to do?

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A quick search is just telling me what I already suspected. What you probably have to do is update your graphics card drivers. Another thing that came up is that windows might need to be updated, which is a likely possibility given that this is a new machine.

Needing a new video card is unlikely, but if the above doesn’t work then you’ll probably have to let us know just what it is you’ve got in there just in case.

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Windows should be up to date (I’ll check again JIC, but I updated today, so hopefully should be), but I probably haven’t updated the card drivers, so that could be a good candidate, thanks. I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

Here’s the official download.

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Thank you - unfortunately things have got more complicated (as they do…) and now the machine appears to be completely non-functional, so I’m back to contacting the manufacturers - but I shall hang onto that link, because it’s bound to still be needed at the other end :slight_smile:

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It’s a pre-built system, but their windows install failed so I wound up having to do a full fresh install anyway (and I’ve still got the flash drive, so should be able to redo that if need be).
i7 10700k
16GB Ram (3200MHz)
Asus Prime z490 V motherboard
RTX 3080 (MSI Gaming Z Trio)
Windows 10 (Home) (running on an m.2 drive)

They also plugged a case fan into the AIO header, causing it to race uncontrollably (and the AIO is still plugged into a fan header, because I’m going to have to redo all the cable management to switch that over). But currently I can’t boot into windows since using GeForce Experience to update the drivers, so I’ve got another enquiry in to the builders and I doubt there’s much else to be done at the moment.


I don’t actually know what that means. Whatever they did, after I went through all the ‘no I don’t want your bloatware’ steps, the machine got stuck in a boot loop, eventually requiring a fresh windows install.

The windows install I did used the same link you found for the ISO (probably still worth getting the latest, though, since I know windows updated yesterday on that machine) - and I set it to boot (once) from the USB through the bios (I’ve checked, and it is still correctly set to boot from the m.2).

I’ll give them until this evening to get back to me, in case they have any useful thoughts, and then I’ll get inside the case and follow the steps you suggest. Is it better to use Rufus or just to boot it through the bios?

Hopefully, when I get to step 5 it should manage it this time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

Hi Dan. When manus craft a PC they often include “bricks,” or unfoldable installations on a separate partition. This is what @drachenfeles was referring to.

They do this because their installs are specialized, and may include hardware and software “shunts” that help their machines work better. It’s usually best to download their specific install set and go from there.

This can be of particular importance when your system has on-board video, like your ASUS Prime motherboard there. This can make things particularly complicated. I suspect what happened is your PC set itself up just fine, but is not properly using your add-on video card.

I don’t want to throw cold water on your progress, however, you might want to contact the vendor and find out what their recommended full reinstall procedure is. Their install set may even create the recovery partition and set everything up for you. On my behalf please ask full follow-ups as you need.

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Thanks for the explanation, both @Barnes and @drachenfeles . I’ve got an email in to the manufacturer, but no reply as yet. The previous windows reinstall was done as they instructed (and was the same procedure Drachenfeles originally suggested), so I doubt there’s anything special needed in that process, but I’ll make sure to push them on that point just in case.

I’ve decided to skip the bios update for now - checking the editions, it’s only slightly out of date, and most of the updates since seem to be for win11 compatibility - given that replacing the bios is something that could really go wrong (and is beyond my ability to recover), it just seems the safer option unless/until the manufacturers start pushing for it (since they can presumably fix it if it does go wrong). I’ve got a spare hour, so I’ll try reinstalling windows again and go from there :slight_smile:

Edit/Update: Well, windows reinstall didn’t go as planned, but did get me access to system restore and back into a functioning OS. Fully updated windows, found Intel and NVidia updates hidden under ‘optional updates’ (thanks win10, lol) and updated them as well. This time all seemed fine, until I tried to start Assassin’s Creed Origins (which previously was running at about 1 fps) - this time it starts trying to load the game and then restarts the machine (with a very slow and extended reboot time) (still works fine on the old machine…). Can’t test Conan yet because steam insists I need 70gb+ of updates first, so I’ll see where that gets me tomorrow. I’m starting to think this is either hardware or, as Drachenfeles suggests, bios. Busy day tomorrow, so if I don’t hear back from the manufacturers by wed I guess I’ll start chasing them by phone then. Thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly my worry, lol - it does happen here from time to time. I’ve got surge protectors, so the last few times the lights have flickered, the computer kept on going, but I’ve had a couple of times where it’s been bad enough to shut down. Odds are it wouldn’t happen, but I wouldn’t want to be wrong on that…

It’s looking increasingly like you are correct and I may have to bite the bullet on updating the bios - one of the two available updates references fixing something to do with AuraSync, which turns out in the bios to be controlling some of the led stuff - turning that off at least seems to have stopped it shutting down while trying to update Conan. More relevantly it proves that one of these firmware updates is directly related to something that’s in my machine, and not just win11, which makes updating seem like a necessity. I’ve read through the manual, and I’m happier now that I should be able to manage it (plus I’ve got some backup options in case of emergency), so I’ll have to give that a try on Wednesday. Thanks again for all your help - with luck this may fix the original problem, and either way these updates were all needed.

Final update:

Everything updated, including the BIOS, - machine still has all manner of problems (plus some additional physical ones discovered while going through stuff to try to fix this - cables bundled so tight rear panel bends, motherboard sufficiently misaligned that some ports are unavailable…). THis one’s down to the manufacturers, but thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

@Glurin - in between problems, I’ve managed to confirm that CE will now load - I’m pretty sure the GPU driver update was the solution there, so at least we might have an answer if anyone else shows up with a directx problem starting the game.

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