Age of Conan, ideas and typs be easy to implement on game system

Hi there Community, i want to explain some typs bout the Age of Conan sytem rules:

Well on a first moment, thinking on AOC is a game from 2008, i can understand complexes implementations in game like a designing maps, make the beauty ladnscape with the DB of AoC, create and programing new animations characters … and a lot of typs about develop for this game. Yes is hard job and is expensive cost to invert on this, i see the faq’s about funcom earn moeny, and more or less… i understand the situation of Funcom. For that reasson, i want to say how to make a little’s changes in game for the best playable on any situation in the game.


I start to talk about the more important we need to know in AOC:

Change instances. I dont go to explain any ideology about how design, so in Aoc, When come to any map, appears window action butons, and you can find on this the next yet implemented:

“Normal, Epic” ----------------->The old system ever
“Normal, Unchained”--------->The system implemented like a new since a few of years ago

And nothing more about them.

Well, here, my idea:

“Normal, Epic, PVP”--------->This could be a new, and easy mod, for do on all maps, not only on the dedicated. Obviously i talk in Crom Server. Because, there we have more players at day than Fury

Other idea is, social comabat anywhere. Than easy to implemented on a right click player buton overinfo an other action called “Duel” (On this point y want to pray a clap for put the action “Report” like another typ to use ignore, was a fail).

This 2 Easy Ideas are on my mind from 24 may 2008 in Early acces…Please, keep it in mind. May be likely the players in Age of Conan Unchained, can do more Rol in game starting from this idea.

Always yours DjKen.

You do know this has been discussed many times and is un-likely to ever happen.

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It is a good idea, but I remember sometime ago, a dev said it is not easy to convert instances or zones to a PvP system. There may be a thread, I will look but it might have been in game when GMs would sometimes visit.

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Unlikely like weapon vanity that finally DID happen?

Anything that the devs said is hard or impossible is a big fat lie. Not the first time they do this. Devs just add what they want when they want. Sadly.

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