Age of Conan, no sound when using Steelseries Sonar application

Hi, after installing the Steelseries GG application there is no sound when playing Age of Conan. Sound works for other games. I noticed Age of Conan also doesnt appear in the volume mixer. After disabling Sonar in the Steelseries application I have the sound again for AoC. Anyone has had the same issue and knows how to solve it without disabling Sonar?

You probably have diffrent options of sound sources in windows now that you have sonar enabled. Navigate sound settings in windows and try to disable all soundsources except for sonar. Aoc application shouldnt have any other soundsource to latch on to then

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Thanks for your reply. tried this morning but unfortunately didnt work for me.

Using some Logitech Headset that uses software.
Tried the launcher today same issue. How i solved it:

For whatever reason i had to select under Audio Type (Left Side) Stero Sound and on the right whatever. 5.1 worked for me as did other options.

What do you mean with left and right side?

Ok i just had this same issue. It was a prefs file setting that kept reverting.
C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Prefs. inside the file I noticed some audio settings set to 0. I made some changes as follows.

Value name=“AudioCacheSize” value=“45” />
Value name=“AudioDspBufferCount” value=“7” />
Value name=“AudioListenerDoppler” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioListenerMode” value=“1” />
Value name=“AudioMasterOnOff” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioMaxChannels” value=“128” />
Value name=“AudioMaxVirtualChannels” value=“500” />
Value name=“AudioMusicOnOff” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioQuality” value=“1” />
Value name=“AudioRenderChannels” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioRenderListener” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioRolloffMode” value=“0” />
Value name=“AudioSoundFormat” value=“1” />
Value name=“AudioSpeakerMode” value=“1” />
Value name=“AudioSystemOnOff” value=“true” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeAmbience” value=“0.800000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeBackgroundMusic” value=“0.800000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeCombatMusic” value=“0.800000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeEffects” value=“0.800000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeInterface” value=“0.800000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeMaster” value=“1.000000” />
Value name=“AudioVolumeVoice” value=“0.800000” />

After saving and starting the game, there was no sound again. I closed the game, made the changes again, then in the file properties, I made the tile read only.
Note making the file read only will prevent you from changing any settings in game. So ensure you have your graphics and audio set how you want them before making this read only.

If someone else who doesn’t have issues could share their setting in the preference file, that may confirm exactly what settings needs adjusted. But this works so far.

Thanks, didn’t work for me unfortunately. I could fix it now by using the sound device not related to “Sonar” for audio. I could keep the sonar chat though for the microphone which enables suppression of environmental noice such as keyboard.

Not working anymore after computer restart though…