Age of war allow you to obtain your first legendarie weapons at level5, join a server an be equiped with a deadly weapons in 10mn

I explained on a previous thread how i was able to kill two 3 skulls boss a level 15 with iron daggers, and the strange behavior of AI in front of the movement speed that give you the instant regen stamina that i noticed during this process.

So to show of what i was talking i decided to do a recording and another try, but this time with a new character at level 5 with stone dagger. this video just needed one try to be recorded.

Here is the video

Notice :

  • how quick i can move with instant regen even at low level, all my point are in health
  • how AI seem to be totally tricked by movement speed and constant dodge
  • how nerfed have been the 3 skulls boss, notice that it hit me at engagement (in past i would have been killed in one hit by this boss, now even if only level 5 it seem it doing to me only 150dmg
  • notice what will be in actual state the new pattern of combat system both for PVE and Pvp : one hit and dodge roll, and renew (linked to the fact that you can no more do full combo due to usage of stamina by weapons, but in the other hand instan regen stamina allow you to recover your stamina in less than in second if you are away from your opponent)

what does this means, it means that in fact craftable weapons will have no more use, because you will be able to acquire tons of legendaries weapons before hitting level 60. I used daggers, but you can probably do the same with others weapons (it will just impact on the time it take). i showed it with crocodile boss, but it is probably working with all boss (the scorpion and rhino boss were showing the same behavior if you use your speed to turn around)

People say Age of war is mainly for pvp, but notice how it will deeply affect all the pve contant, as now 3 boss skull will be an easy piece of cake to kill. notice that for pve content all now is more easier to kill and require less skill in combat to acheive it.

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The AI felt ok-ish for me when I engaged in combat.

In the past it was a prerequisite to be lvl 60 to open legendary chests.
As much as I hate to have something behind a level wall, I think I’d prefer it to what azaroth described. :laughing:

I was ok with having a hoard of legendaries at Lvl 20 when they were just gimmicky high grade weapons. Now they are super powerful but disposable buffs, that you can get at every corner of the map no matter your progress. (IF you don’t have a favorite, that you have to RNG grind for a year, if you’re really unlucky.)

Maybe make it a prerequisite to be lvl 45/50 to wield them and give us the ability to repair legendaries in a costly ritual or with the help of a story NPC or something…I don’t know…to have an item you can’t use in your inventory would also suck. Just as if you looted an item from someone, that you yourself didn’t buy in the bazaar…hmmm. :no_mouth:

I just want lengendaries to be truly legendary again. :smiling_face_with_tear:


nope boss in actual version are able to do attack behind them, which they don’t do when you turn around with instant regen/dodge in aow, at least it’s what appear to me, and well i will not test all boss attack behavior to see if they do the same, i’m just a player and that not a work for me :slight_smile:

yes chest of legendaries should not be opened before a very high level, otherwise it make totally obsolete all weapons you can craft, and yup we should be able to repair legendaries.

but you need to have in mind that all boss are deeply nerfed and pretty easy to kill now in current beta state, ie one boss of UC that was one of the toughest let's use the wright blade, but no loot in unammed city - YouTube

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Ah I see. I didn’t fight much yet.

:see_no_evil: The stamina regeneration is also just insane now.

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yes totally crazy, and you can dodge and continue to run when no more stamina, which will create this game combat style… in fact you don’t have the choice to fight in other way, as you cannot do full combo due to stamina use of weapon.

and by the way there is also (on conan exiles only i think i have not checked siptah beta) a way to get legendaries weapons early in an other way than in killing 3 skull boss, fortunately not the deadiest one that you can acquire only through skeleton key, but still there is weapons that can match or even outclass a bit what you will craft at level 60. , even if chest are not openable before level 60, around level 15 it will be possible to acquire easyly commun legendaties weapons in actual beta game mechanism for conan exlies. and solution can be the same a level restriction to access to it

Nice video. I also did these sort of things, with stone daggers, because bleeding is op. But how many players can achieve what you did? Seeing the reaction from Age of War and the upcoming purge rework, i doubt that everyone is killing bosses with stone daggers.

well everyone that can hit the dodge key, i am not a expert fighter just an average pvp player for fight, but expert in using god, build and survive on the most dangerous pvp servers as solo player.

not linked to the bleeding effect that have been nerfed with poison aldready some month ago, so its not again a matter of nerfing stuffs that willl be a shame, but may to have the croc have a normal attack pattern in regards of speed that allow you the stamina regen and no exhaustion. all 3 boss appear to me have been nerfed to death in their damage output and damage received so may be more on this side that stuffs need to be balanced.

and dont challenge me to do a series a video with all different weapons to have same result :slight_smile:

I don’t even complain about that any longer, because hell will freeze before we get a better AI. Maybe simply it isn’t possible without massively reworking the game, which I doubt is viable.
What really concerned me was the brutal stamina usage that might hamper combat completely. Hit, roll, hit roll makes for very boring fights…

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From the anniversary dev stream, you’ve seen how many players have been killed by hyenas. People haven’t gotten as far as killing a crocodile 3skull boss with stone daggers.

I mean:

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And regular crocs too. :smile:
But they eventually learn.

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FUncom could add a mandatory full stamina cost for attacks instead. That could be a workaround and solve this issue.

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They should definitely think this through…

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yup that why i am able to kill it at level 5, because of stam regen.

you have a simple thing to do :slight_smile: that take 10mn join the beta, and test fight system with instant regen, you will see.

i am not able to do that on actual version, at least not so fast and not so easier, but i m pretty sure croc will kill me in one hit or simply kill me with rear attack with his tail on actual version, and i will not been able to escape it with constant dodge for sure… i can agree to take time to do video to try to improve game, but well if you look in wrong direction… :frowning:

“FUncom could add a mandatory full stamina cost for attacks instead. That could be a workaround and solve this issue.”

thanks to see from where it comes :slight_smile:

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We all love combos. They are very popular in combat games because everyone loves ending a fight with a crazy combo. Why, oh why, are they making them so much harder?

“Wow, I loved that fight because my stamina regen is so fast!” - said nobody ever.

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Balance is not really one of Funcom’s strengths

Perhaps because the combo is almost never used in pvp (it’s too slow). If you need to finish the fight with a cool combo, this is for other games, which are just in bulk. I’m testing now and I quite like the new system - it’s not bad, at least some variety. This is my opinion, but yes, compared to the test, there is not enough stamina recovery on the current servers and “it was so fast and cool”))))

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Yeah, I was talking pve, dude.
Pvp is whatever works. The variety… the variety will be the new washing machine meta. That’s variety for you buddy. :smile:

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