Age of war between players

What is this degenerate nonsense. People are upset on people complaining over loosing weekend progress. Those of you who say “muh 1000hrs vs muh your 10hrs” you have been put on the wrong track. People are rightly upset over the rollback as they, like you, are deprived of their ingame progress.

The only one to blame is FC not ppl angry they lost progress. And they need to get their sht straight. Are you kidding me you typed 1 instead of 10 in the input box? Do you guys really don’t give a sht?

15 min rollback could have happened Sat morning. But they were lazy.
They could have found a solution to bring back the thralls lost from the rollback data. You have an event window - any thrall decayed after the 1day mistake and before it was fixed you can search for in the database you have as a backup (obviously they have it as they rolled back to it). Sure it takes more dev time.

But they found out the best solution for them - let’s not do anything for 2 days, then let’s pick the solution requiring player time to be lost not dev time.

It’s the same with their ToC that got a lot of good ppl banned for building nice bases and not tiny cubes. Instead of programming a limitation in the game they just let players loose time over it when they get reported.

It’s the same as with server merges, where instead of making a fair way for merged people to keep their bases and thralls they just used the existing, but limited for the task, server transfer.

Speaking of which - people like me who paid for Siptah DLC have never seen it because the issue with server transfers is still not resolved over the year.


And now degenerates are upset that people are upset that they are upset that others are upset.

If only more people showed the civility and restraint demonstrated here in articulating why the lost couple of days are so impactful and why those who defend the rollback are incorrect and bad people.

No one thinks the roll back is the best solution.
But it was the only realistic one.
Yes Funcom dropped the ball, and yes they should fix it. But anyone who has been on a PvP server knows they don’t have the staff for basic administration of their publics, much less the staff to go thru and manually restore what was lost. Which brings up the question of what was lost.

Everyone loses resources acquired during that window.
Are any of those resources not acquirable again?

Compare to the resources lost during the period being rolled back…
The provoking part of which (due entirely to Funcom’s failure to address server transfers and love of removing content from their game) are no longer available.

But it’s true, rather than telling Funcom to address the lost resource grind of the weekend, we see vitriol spew against the “arrogant PvE players”.
And then, the spitting serpents (which are likely composed of a small number of hyrdras because why should a snake have only one head when it can be a sock puppet army) need a good sulk and cry at how they are victimized by those bullies whom they came out to bully.

Truely a sad state of affairs.


I lost two named Bearers, buildings, teleporters, et cetera. I’m not even mad, I’m happy my friends have their stuff back.


Here’s the rub, most people are reasonable and civil.
Or, and it is beyond the pale to consider, not overly/obsessively invested in a game.

But when we find that the game has become a massive focal point, and it is as sane as how devoted people become to Football, Football, or any other sport…
There can be friction.

This one does hope that there is a resource harvest boost for at least a weekend or so to help with catch up.
There is a toggle to make all thrallable NPCs who spawn named NPCs, but this one doubts they will ever touch that on officials.
Adjusting leveling rate for a weekend would be a good idea as well.

But the forums are only rarely for solutions based approaches or bonhomie. So safeguard your goodwill as long as possible.


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