Please stop the big whining!

Be satisfied.

Funcom has made the first step and made up for the damage. Instead of praise, it hails here only from negative criticism… Sure it does not suit everyone, but all in all it was the only right step to make the rollback.

I would suggest that you stop complaining and show yourselves once confessed.
The whole whining is 80% of the user namely on the nerves. When you compare two days of loss with thousands/hundreds of hours you are either ungrateful or ignorant. Please show a little more team spirit now…Thanks.


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It’s mostly 2-3 specific PvPers, let’s not say all the PvP players are this whiny about a good decision :+1:


Hehe doubt that will happened.
This forum is the most pessimistic and toxic forum I have ever seen.

There seem to be some people here who log in and make posts on a daily bases about how the game is dead and people should stop playing it.

Like i get why people or mad at the constant screw ups, but the amount of energy people seem to put into complaining about a game they don’t seem to be enjoying is … odd.

The forum is kind of fascinating in a way.


There’s a few widely pessimistic players on this forum normally, but the majority of the negativity has only surfaced in the last few days, particularly yesterday with the influx of new users upset about losing a couple days. Mostly our negativity is just aimed at Funcom and our lack of confidence in them.


People DO have the right to complain. Do not forget we all paid for the game. It’s our right to ask for it to be good and consistent. Or at least to not have it changed in something worse.

That said, the situation of the Rollback is difficult.
I think devs did the right thing rolling back the servers, but it’s also a consequence of a problem that has been notified long time ago: the lack of recovery procedures.

This game lacks procedure to refund specific players of what they lost due to bugs. I think everyone here remember the bug with Nemedian Foundations.

They did the best they could considering the situation, but they should also start working on said procedures so that this situation doesn’t have to repeat.


Pessimistic? Maybe.
Toxic? Hell no, this forum is far from toxic overall, there are numerous places that will make this forum’s “toxicity” look like flirting in comparison :rofl:

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That was why I added the post fix “I have ever seen”.

Today there was some racist complaining about the nationality of the developers. And after the live stream there was some alpha bro type hurling insults against the two dudes.

I know cherry picking. But i do feel there is a fair bit of toxicity against the company (to some extent fair).

And the live between pessimism and toxicity is of course subjective. Which another toxic forum user also made a thread about some days ago.

But yeah pessimism the most objective word to describe the mood of the forum.

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Forgive me but is that what everyone did on Saturday? Or was there a sheet ton of negativity?

Only happiness and butterflies where posted in the +500 and +300 threads regarding the loss of thralls.

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Look at it this way. They’re not done. Not by a longshot. The big whining as you say in the title is gonna get worse in about 2 and a half weeks. People are so preoccupied by their precious pixels that they aren’t giving Public Beta any mind. The average number of players this month is less than 2 servers worth.

Without any more attention, many bugs are going to slip in and hit live. Performance of the servers is yet unknown when the new purge happens with a decent number of players online.

2 days of downtime could be several weeks for a subsection of the player base given the performance their servers typically show. But no, everyone wants to focus on a minority of servers and their rollbacks.


I didn’t consider that… but then again… I kinda figured bugs were gonna be par for the course with the next chapter anyway… as they normally are. So long as we don’t lose any progress with the update this time, I’m willing to just accept it as matter of fact. :unamused:

Imagine being displeased when something negatively effects you. No, you should be grateful for having two days wasted by developers.

Great message to send. Then you wonder why game studios treat their users as they do.

Don’t forget all the sock puppet accounts :wink:


Welcome to the Forum


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The average number of players in the last major update was about 30% higher than now. It missed the changes to Nemedian Foundation meshes that caused people to lose crafting thralls and T3 stations as well as a ton of stuff in storage.

I’m going to recommend that everyone ensure their storage is on solid ground before Chapter 2 comes to avoid losing anything. Because the issues with Nemedian were not enough to warrant a rollback (and do to the nature of the changes being intended and not a bug, a rollback would not have helped).

I wouldn’t put my wagers on simple hope.


Bah living dangerously in the trees.

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Lol… why am I not surprised? :joy:

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Place all chests on the ground
FUNCOM sees what you did there
All chests insta decay and vanish, because they were not connected to player structures

:gnome_sound: :rofl: