Age of War - Chapter 4 Q&A

@AndyB thank you very much for your insightful replies btw! We appreciate it! :heart:
Keep up the great work, always very informative.

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Another question for you @AndyB.
Why are the patch notes so incomplete?
Like why nerfing bearers to the ground?


Plausible deniability :smile:

Do you want the crack pot conspiracy theory version or the more likely reason?

Let’s go with the tinfoil hat.
By limiting daily likes the architects of the forum system drive persistent “engagement” thru the necessitation of regular logins to refresh one’s ability to quickly show support, or at least a reaction. By this same token, knowing that humans are blessed with the suck of hyper fixation on displeasure, by limiting or removing disapproval reactions they further drive engagement necessitating one to articulate their outrage.
Of course, we cannot overlook Funcom’s recent connection to Tencent and the CCP… Which means, with typical 'Murikan arrogance, this is obviously a ploy to drive interaction with and acquisition of valuable data (such as typing habits) for the Great China to further refine their AI bot programmes to better spam social media with support for certain political positions, thus emboldening the local “comrades”, while also providing discrete communication to deep placed sleeper agents.

It’s a Commie plot!

There are several more prosaic answers ranging about preventing sock puppet support and bots, but those aren’t nearly as fun.


Sounds shockingly plausible, im sad now. :sweat_smile:



Don’t be. This one is quite flattered.

This one is part of a club that recreationally creates conspiracy theories. Purely for amusement of course. So finding ways to give something, if not verisimilitude, then at least camouflage so that it looks no less implausible than the dreck being sold unironically is a skill this one is working on.


Worry not fellow exile, i don’t fall a victim for conspiracy theories this easily.
The sad truth is probably even much more simple than we might think.
If we take a look at the awful server performance of g-portal, the reason might be that this forum can’t handle too many likes per day!:joy:


Well, that’s a theory we can put under a relatively cheap and easy test by honoring a man who faced down a line of tanks, shaming Conan who only punched a camel once:

Also, we should always remember that our dear leaders, despite their wisdom and infallibility, still walk the same soil we do, just as the daughter of Ymir was protected from the cold by divine power, but still could be caught by a mere mortal:




At risk of throwing cold water on some perfectly good speculative theory crafting - I actually went througha similar question here a couple of years back regarding the question of why adult players of an adult game should be subjected to a ‘swearing filter’. At core the answer is extremely simple (and thus boring), the forums are built on a third-party platform (Discourse, iirc) that is used by many other parties and thus has features that are generic to all.

Of course, such a bland answer might reasonably be expected from a sleeper agent… However, given the amount of coffee Ignasi is reputed to drink, ‘sleeper’ may be a term that doesn’t apply - and I’m an insomniac, so that’s right out :wink:


Hey look, mass “cull” isn’t harvest plants.
Brush hog is borked. It got funcomed, was working, now isn’t, but the mass “cull” spell hasn’t been updated, has it :thinking:

Well, it’s a weird argument, but I can live with it.
I was kind of hoping that since there’s going to be a modification there’d be an option to “save” the color combinations used on armor etc…

this is a big step backwards from a user perspective , being able to select the exact amount of ingredients is very important ( especially for perishables) and this will make crafting sometimes quite annoying


Did you see the last live stream fellow exile?
They are not even able to beat the content with admin commands! :joy:
How could they even relate to the user perspective?
It’s also fascinating how this “Q&A” doesn’t provide any answers to our questions.

… i can understand why we didn’t get any answers at the weekend, but it’s Wednesday now. 5 days have passed and we have ZERO reactions. :man_shrugging:
And i doubt we even get any response.

I have pondered this issue for a while. i am starting to believe maybe remove the combo system. In iys place each attack is its own button. IE ise the current light and heavy buttons, but instead require another button to execute a specific attack. Meaning all attacks are standalone, and one can then exexute any at any given time in any order, consuming stam with each. Just pondering though, so dont roast me :slight_smile:

The combos have dmg multipliers that are just too good to throw away, @biggcane55
On console, that could also be problematic. We’re short on buttons you see… It’s possible, but it would be a massive change.

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on console hold l2 and hit a face button. Neen ised on a lot of games.

And as for combos, what if there was a “connected attack” perk for 5 seconds, so next attack gets the chain buff???

All workable ideas, @biggcane55 , but honestly I just wish they leave combat alone… :laughing:


I’ve thought about this myself and I’d keep the combo system as-is and instead mix up stuff with the secondary action button. I’d move the kick to it’s own dedicated button (for the purposes of this example, lets say F). Make it so anyone can kick regardless, because kicking is fun.

Ctrl would still vary based on weapons: backflips, blocking, etc - focus would largely be on defensive motion and the kick in turn would be oriented more as an offensive option to open up the enemy for combos and could be expanded in ways to control a fight.

F - quick normal kick that’ll just interrupt a combo
W+F - stronger and more forceful forward kick (close to what the one now is) which would either cause a hard stagger or a backwards moving knockdown
S+F - leg sweep for a tripping on-the-spot knockdown (in a perfect world your opponent - if timed properly - could jump over it, sadly performance on official servers probably would make it more of a pain than it should be)

EDIT: and naturally it goes without saying that with the advent of sprinting attacks, hitting F while sprinting would result in a flying dragon kick.

Tinfoil hat party???
Why i am not invited :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I start to understand why they silent you :rofl::rofl::rofl:, (tinfoil hat on please) “they think you are my alt account”, omg i have a Clone in US, or a twin? Send DNA :laughing:.


Yeah they don’t like it too much when i lose my sh¡t. But i’m an impulsive guy, can’t help it.
Got me in trouble more than once. :sweat_smile:

From that perspective I might not a candidate for being your lost twin. But I appreciate the positivity you contribute to the community! It’s something i look up to. (All of us should) :heart_hands:

Oh… and i’m from germany actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: