Age of War - Chapter 4 Q&A

My wife was borned in Germany :smiley:. Thanks for sharing :metal:.


And I’m related to Wagner the composer; yes the ride of the Valkyries guy.
Back on topic.

Was on for quite a while last night. Tried the Q lock on and has it been worked on? Seems to be working too good, I mean the game is skipping my character around in order to hit the enemy.

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Ok i have question, long time spent to think about it… I guess its good question but not sure if anyone asked it already

  • What will be with PVE purge levels, where that starcaller spawns? I mean not to give advices, but to server i play there is some griefer, that appears time to time, and i saw videos of starcaller calling meteorites… so
    How do those starcallers work? meteorites in PVE will also deal mega damage?I mean about how it is protected from griefers who build a mini base near someone and then starts level 10 purge to get starrcaller who then calls meteors and they drops on another player structures, do meteors will deal damage only to purge maker or everyone around him?

also - what if meteors break path to coffer? already there was some times when purge ends because attackers destroy path to coffer…

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Have the storm sick nordheimer been buffed?

It was bad enough you all nerfed bearers in to luggage so my 18th level T4 went down fast to them. But after beating on them for a few minuets with glimmer moon and their HP hadn’t dropped more then 10%, I had to make a hasty retreat. So much for that legion armor I couldn’t retrieve; bearer was just carrying basic mats stone, wood, ect.

Why can’t I repair my redeemed silent legion armor?

I can make it, just not repair it.
Can we now not repair epic armors or something?
More time I spend on testlive the more little issues I find.

Redeemed can only be repaired at the bench with the thrall in it. You don’t have redeemed, you have basic sl. The t4 armorer knows redeemed.



You can’t though. Take the armorer off the bench and try it. You are just directing your armorer to make it for you.

Not getting the repair option, but do for every other I have on hand.

Ya that blank black is annoying, needs to have a fade like on the icons.

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:brazil: feedback pvp pve pve-c pc

Atualização está ótima porém tem alguns BUG que antes não existia, espero que atuleze e faça os ajustes o restante está ótimo :relieved:



I saw that, watched it and thought “well better late then never” :smile_cat:


I am severely disappointed in the stack size change… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Mm x box patch :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Update Age Of War 4


So the challenges aren’t working properly for single player. Kill World bosses, Kill Giant Creatures, Kill Demonic creatures don’t complete. Killed 10 giant crocodiles, killed giant spiders, killed mini bosses. Nothing.


And fly bases. This issue too has to be addressed.


Why can’t I use a torch when mounted???

And how am I now supposed to take out EXACTLY the amount of material I need for crafting/building from a chest, with this new super-quality-of-life adjustment of the stack split no one asked for???


“Another update and here comes pitch forks”