Age of War - Chapter 4 Q&A

Why can’t I use a torch when mounted???

And how am I now supposed to take out EXACTLY the amount of material I need for crafting/building from a chest, with this new super-quality-of-life adjustment of the stack split no one asked for???


“Another update and here comes pitch forks”

i see

They dont work on admin spawned creatures, teleport to their locations and kill the ones spawned by the game and it works fine. (though kill demonic creatures seems bugged and it counts any 1skull miniboss as one, I did szeth and the 1skull down in wine cellar then teleported to the treasure seeker above the red mother for the 3rd)

Your best, period


Well if funcom would quit throwing kids in ponds we wouldn’t have to keep stoming the castle. :troll:


can’t storm the castle - too much lag…



Here’s a Q.

Dear Funcom - why did you take away my specific stack splitting abilities? Was it causing lag?

Dear Funcom - why did you take away my CUSTOM sort option? Was this an abuse of the game that had to be remediated?



:brazil: Conan Exiles feedback bug
Alguém viu como pessoal irão fazer todos os eventos usando esse seguidor ???

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You know what would make the size of the dying workstation make sense given the change? Dying all five armor categories(helmet, hands, etc) at the same time and giving a preview of them combined. Then we could easily make color adjustments without having to swap pieces off and on like we did pre-AoW chapter 4.


Honestly unsure as to why precise splitting was removed. If not fixed/patched back into the game i will be uninstalling the game. It just makes the game unplayable for me. I need to grind 2 flowers to make 1 potion… i have a full stack of flowers and CANT PULL OUT ONLY 2 FLOWERS. This is the DUMBEST update possible. Best of luck to your future f*** ups, i mean “Updates”


And if we could have the option to set the preview to either sex that would also be really useful (given that some armors have different dye channels depending on whether worn by male or female, and we can currently only preview whichever our character is).


A menu kinda similar to the orb of nergal essentially. Had that idea too. But that would be too handy. :unamused:


So Funcom’s idea of User Experience with stack splitting is taking away a functionality that EVERY other Sandbox game has in some way, or if not is one of the first Mods to appear in the game.
The option to seperate a specific amount from a stack.

That’s how User Experience works for you guys, huh?

Also making people hate the game by artificially forcing them to play the game how YOU want them to play it…
Sorry but if i play Conan Exiles i want to play it my way, with the Mods i want. However the Battle Pass has ever since it’s arrival forced me to grind it in a barren Single-Player World that is 100% Vanilla because half the Challenges were broken by Mods being present.
Now you even force me to do things that are just painful to do, since you removed the option to reroll Challenges AND there’s a Cap to the XP i can get, simply because you need the player numbers.

This isn’t going to make your Engagement better, on the contrary it’ll make me even less likely to spend a lot of time in the game and it’s definetly a reason for me to not even consider touching Dune Awakening.
I already un-wishlisted Dune due to the stuff you’re doing to Conan now.


Man, the stacking changes are pointless and annoying, whomever did that should find a different line of work.


The devs are aware that there is this thing called embumbrance and that the perk that removes its negative effects is actually OPTIONAL, right? Its not a default.

Why the hell would I needlessly carry items that I dont need on me but that increase my encumbrance? For example potions are stupid heavy for what they actually are.

Revert this change.


Why are avatars being defeated with 2 ballista bolts when you need to grind 500 essence in the first place, the religion feature continues a trend of nerfing after God bubbles, and the 10 Min timer, where is the compensation after so much has been taken away. A ram is more dangerous now.


Yes you are right for a game who’s central feature is crafting splitting resources is essential.

You don’t want this person to do chores. Here is why.

“Many on the team drink coffee in the morning. I have spilled all the coffee on the ground so you can lick it right from the floor.”

“The demand for a clean kitchen is overwhelming. The kitchen door has been welded shut, so the kitchen can no longer be used in order to keep it clean.”

“Pineapple pizza is the most ordered item for lunch here. Therefore, I have ordered 30 crates of pine cones, 30 Apple Watches, and 30 miniature models of the leaning tower of Pisa. Enjoy!”

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