Age of War is a game killer

Ive not seen a game update be more misguided and ill prepared since the NGE for SWG. It’s chilling how bad some of the dev choices were. Seriously, who decided these combat changes were a good idea? To say this is a rookiee level dev move would be an understatment. Just wow…

Thralls were nerfed sure but our animal pets were straight up obliterated. Even our leveled up greater wolves were slaughtered when fighting vanilla lvl 1-3 northmen. Absolute madness. And you can forget leveling up a pet now and keeping it alive. Animal pets are seriously not even a viable option post AOW, they have been destroyed. I can duck in and out of a fight and run for my life to stay alive (so much fun really) but the wretched AI pathing the thralls and pets are cursed with usually wont allow anything that sophisticated and they are murdered in short order. Even if you have them on ‘attack nothing’ posture and try to direct them out of danger. No chance.

Missing craft stations, storage containers and crafting thralls on top of this has proven to much, my regualr exiles crew has called it quits and i cant blame them.

Seriously devs what in the name of crom were you thinking? Literally NOBODY asked for this and it wrecks the game. Are you trying to sabotage your own game?

Here’s to hoping someone snaps out of it and course corrects the dev team on exiles. But i fear it may already be to late.


Since they released beta, there were complaints about some changes. I would think that, the whole purpose of beta is to get a feedback, before releasing live version.
If 99 percent of beta test players give feedback about something that isnt good. Remove it or dont change it. Otherwise, I dont understand the point of even having beta test.
Fundation turning, was that a bug? Did that need to get removed? Did anyone ever complained about it?
If that forced my namedian fundation to be turned upon update, that caused stability loss.
I honestly didn’t see nothing wrong with having an option to turn fundation. I could actually make pattern I liked.


Thats an interesting take. I wonder if that could be the cause?

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They don’t seem to be receptive to feed back atm.



as it seems it is the cause of the stability bug.

I tell you as is, if Funcom removed the option to turn Foundations around I will loose it. I have ingame ocd, I can not have it when things are messy and not in a certain order. I have pattern for towers that face a certain way, I have drop boxes for loot at the entrance of my base so I do not mess up my chests. I clean up my workstations regularely.


This however is much less feasible if we can’t copy our current game progress to the test server.

I for one cant be bothered to spend days if not weeks to grind to the place where I am on the live server, JUST to test high end stuff. I rather save my precious time to actual gameplay.

I did play on the test client, but even in singleplayer and utilizing admin tools I found it too boring and tiring, so my testing was minimal.

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if they didnt wipe, but just stopped the test server… it would make sence expanding, and looking forward to test the new stuff in the “other” world… less grinding as you did it once on testlive… and continued in next chapter with what you had… was amazed to see server wiped at testlive start… that does not make a real live game session or real test senario

So true. The game is really dying. This was not a pleasant update, no one is impressed. Idk what made ANYONE think that this was a good idea. What a series of silly choices. Sad day for the game.


No, my opinion is the beta servers are for youtubers and twitches to make content; read as free commercials. It’s not like they seem to listen to any of us on test.

Not why the thread was locked.

Winthor, I’m that guy that puts just that one floor tile in 90 out from the rest.

I disagree.

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Not even close.

This change is directly because of tactics used in PvP- With the exception of the nemedian bug, nothing is out of the ordinary.

Ive already replaced the nemedian foundations where my losses were.

Meanwhile combat is no change other than stamina management which is ridiculously easy to do.

Pets can easily be brought back up to par with future updates.

It’s been six years of game killing updates and the game still hasn’t died.

You’ll be fine, just learn to adapt. Spend your time getting used to the new system instead of complaining about it.

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This one wouldn’t call it a game killer any more than previous unpopular updates. If the Bazaar and Battle Pass couldn’t kill the game, if the server mergopaclypse couldn’t kill the game, this particular bit of unfortunateness won’t kill the game. It doesn’t seem to be drawing in any new blood, and it may accelerate the hemorrhaging of players, but won’t kill it outright.

It’s been less buggy a roll out than Age of Sorcery was.

As for pets, don’t hold your breath for them to ever be viable. That’s deliberate. This one recalls a dev stream where it was mentioned that pets were too powerful and too easy to acquire. That was a couple updates ago. This one doubts we will see anything positive done for the puppies and kitties.

It is reminiscent of another game this one provided test feedback for. At one point, the healing mechanic was well noted to be far too weak. The official response from the Dev team on that project was that they heard our concerns about healing being weak, but that what we actually meant was HP was too high, so they lowered HP across the board so that healing “felt more significant”. This did not come with a lowering of damage at all.

But look, pets have been buffed, because now most humanoid thralls are paper maché, so the pets aren’t as noticeably behind!

It’s not a game killer because the game has little to none in terms of competition, by many reasons. Otherwise, it would be long dead @Jimbo .


As I mentioned in a much earlier thread, why even use up disk space on pets in this game. They should just fully remove them if the devs have suddenly decided they don’t like pets. Save some space on my harddrive.

Once again it feels like the devs implement features just to “check the box” and help with marketing but deep down they didn’t want the features in the first place so they nerf them or make them pointless. Another example being sorcery – how in the world do you not have ANY combat sorcery in a game with a heavy emphasis on combat?

Yeah I realize I risk going down already discussed “bunny trails”.

As for this update being game breaking. I think it has actually made combat against NPC easier (you no longer get zerged and I can pretty much one shot most of them with my SM Great Axe). To me the update is less game breaking than disappointing. I’m more interested in the upcoming chapters and wish they could have implemented some of that in this update. This feels more like “Age of Meh” vs. “Age of War”. I want some actual “War” (vs. spending my time gathering treasure for an unimplemented future update). The customized banner sounded interesting till I found out that you are locked into pre-existing designs — guess it gives them the opportunity to sell more of their own designs for $ vs allowing us to be able to actually create our own.

Sorry for my rambling.


You answered your own question.
Why waste space on pets…?
Look at the monetization.
The money making model for the game is aimed at those who play with Building Blocks and those who play Dress up.
That’s what the pets are, accessories for playing house.


Oh believe me, their madness is not limited to that only.
The whole AoW in full of questionable choices.

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100% killed the game for me


I own all the DLC, and have bought the Battle Pass since I started playing about a year ago.

I have little ambition to play since I logged in and saw most of my stuff gone because I made the error of liking how Nemedian bases looked…

Why play a game when on any random day, you can log in and see most of your stuff went poof, all because the developers can’t be bothered to test a patch, or even fix it when it causes the player to lose progression?


As I said in my topic, it’s the Age of Disappoinment… This update killed the game for me


Age of War also COMPLETELY bricked the game for Linux users. Literally cannot even play it anymore.

The worst part is, it didn’t have to be this way. All Funcom had to do was rest on their laurels, periodically put out a new DLC with a building kit and some new equipment, while plowing the cash into their next project.

Funcom’s developers keep acting like this game is still in Beta development, and not a mature project where users expect it to work a certain way, and that substantial gameplay changes need to be off the table due to this no longer being in Beta. If you want to make substantial gameplay changes, then produce a new game.