Age of War - My vision

Good day everyone! Wanted to share my ideas for the new Age of War expansion.

The previous Age of Sorcery update was really massive and gave the game a new breath! For what, as a fan, I want to thank Funcom from the all of my heart. In this update, in addition to everything, there was a new system regarding magic and other dark arts.
It seems to me that it is worth focusing not only on improving and rebalancing weapons, but also adding something more to players who have reached level 60. I’m talking about an additional system for revealing the combat potential of the players. For example, you can make a progression on each type of weapon (melee and ranged combat, sorcerer’s scepter), unleash the potential of each with the ability to change the attack animation, or something more.
Make separate talents, in which the player will additionally reveal the skills of a Warrior, Archer / Rogue or Sorcerer. Thus, the player will reveal the potential of the add-on and indeed then Age of War will reflect its name.
I heard that the developers want to do finishing blows on opponents - that’s great!
Now you cannot repair legendary items - this greatly devalues the items found, especially if you search for them for a long time. I suggest that there would be repair kits that you can create yourself, but when repairing a legendary item, they broke 25% of its full margin of safety. But at the same time, there would be a chance when killing the “Big Boss” that they would drop a Legendary quality repair kit that does not break maximum durability.
Because of this, players will try to look for them and there will be no feeling of a “consumable” material from legendary items, but rather make them valuable.
Added items sets that, when assembled 3/5 elements, gives an increase, say +100 to health. And when assembling 5/5 elements of the kit, access to one of the double perks opens up. Such as Combo Master or Second Skin. It also gives the character more exposure and offers the player something more than the “Trash” effect of the armor.
Make such item set armor for players who can challenge the most difficult challenges. Make several sets of armor for a warrior, archer/rogue and sorcerer.
This is my vision for improving the game, how you can reveal the name of Age of War by letting the players reveal their character.
Thank you for your attention!

Sorry for my English in advance, I hope everything will be clear.

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