Agent mobile app

I’m curious if it’s technically possible to make agent activity available via some kind of a web form or even some companion app? It would be great to have opportunity to send my agents work for me when I’m away from PC or ain’t in game. :kissing:

Edit: Couldn’t find if someone already asked for this.

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It’s been said at least that it could be possible but it’d take awhile, if not difficult for their current set-up to make. I don’t know / think that they have any plans for a mobile app any time soon.


It is technically possible but currently Funcom has no employees with experience in that direction. So it would be an expensive leap, hiring new peeps for one sidefeature that doesn’t even pay for itself.

That’s a bit sad. I’d like to have agents in my pocket. Like it said in Faction Recruit dossier “always a phone call away”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No Android devs, no ewwPhone devs, and generally “would take a lot of things to pull of” they said. That semi-quote also goes for a web version.


funny thing is none of that is actually needed. All we want is API. That’s usually not that hard to implement really. People will make apps for various platforms for them. Same as we’re fixing their other mistakes with mods like missing mission length in the selection screen.

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Well, there’s always a chance that it’s a superiours who hinders all progress.

In this case we are pretty sure (like 99%) that it’S just a lack of mobile dev people in funcom. It would need a lot of time to get them hired, into the system and finish it off and cost some money that won’t be there for other future content. For example if one wants better animation or sounddesign, a new QA guy to verify more bugs or another dev to fix them.

Funcom is realatively small for the project they work on and the “resources” are strained. Sure it’S sad but sometimes life gives you lemons. Lets be happy that life isn’t giving us filthinfections, “put a pin” into it for when they may have a better prospect of pulling it off and keep enjoying all those funny agents stumbling through missions.^^

Really? QA in Funcom? :slight_smile:


Yes QA in funcom…not saying they are flawless. By god no…but they do exist.
A lot of the work QA does is just work that you the normal customer never gets to see since it gets patched beforehand. Thing is with the huge amount of bugs and stuff you test sometimes stuff slips through or QA derps a bit (for which they deserve an ice cold glance that freezes their soul) and these are the errrors we see plus the ones that happen because you put new stuff on old code and that always loves to cause problems.

Personally I love being a pain in the butt for QA. Troubleshotting them indirectly stuff to test, breaking stuff, being true to my “bad man” title I got. XD

I believe that a mobile app would give a player reasons to avoid entering the game rather than entering the game and deciding to play for a time. I do not see a plan to help players avoid playing as a good marketing strategy.


While I generally agree about no incentive to create something that helps keep people away from the game, it could be implemented in a way where you “complete” missions remotely, a cache of the rewards goes in game, but you have to go in game to claim them and they expire after a few days.

I still don’t expect they are going to want to get the resources to develop something like this anytime soon, but there could be a way to balance convenience with in-game engagement. You know, so the game can take over all aspects of player’s lives.


This is the kind of thing you outsource. Rarely will this be done in-house unless you already have a mobile division doing their own thing.

EGGSactly Batman! Further it will either officially be done in house officially outsourced OR not at all. And the reason for the officially is anything else will violate the EULA. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Possibly. But then I remember the TSW Chronicle. Meh, I think it’s best with both hands on the steering wheel in all things SWL.

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The Chronicle wasn’t a mobile app. If they did a web app then sure, they could do that in house. However, if given the choice between an Agent System web app and the Chronicle, I’m voting for the Chronicle.

Though, I get what you mean by keeping their focus. I would pose a bounty to some interns or low level programmers to see if anyone could whip something in their free time. $100 to someone who gets a workable prototype. @TronQuixote is basically an intern, right?

Never said it was an mobile app, so not sure where you were going with that. But it was an external webapplication that interfaced with the game, and it was an outsourced project that FC didn’t develop them selves. And it wasn’t very good.

Do you have a source on this?

Also, it was listed as “Beta” and only really ever received one major update so yea. It wasn’t that great, but it did a lot of things that I liked and looked at often.

Why not a webpage instead of mobile app?
Facts we know:
1, Funcom has web developers.
2, Web pages can be viewed on phone/PC without bother with those native features require android/iphone developers.
3, We once had those fancy webs in TSW…

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Technically, I’ve mentioned it when was thinking about TSW Store which could been seen via TSW website (and two other client games that had some activity available via web). :slight_smile: