Regards about the Agent System

Would be nice if the current NPC can drop himself as agent from it’s quests and the epic counterparts keep dropping from regionals, last boss blue chest and etc.

Some low level folks, new players, are quite pissed off with high geared people farming e1, sadly it’s flaws their gameplay and i guess my suggestion here more lore friendly and community friendly also.

Now the 2 good suggestions:

Please would be nice make a Android or IOS App for agent management, other games have already their apps tied with main game, don’t loss that chance to expand the horizons of the game.

I know the agents give it bonus and etc, but would be cool if you can summon in field, yeah I know it’s sounds laggy friendly but I think we can look after it to filter where it can be summoned.

Been brought up several times before. Short answer from devs: no. Long answer: no resources for it.

Also, the suggestion thread is here: Feedback & Suggestions - #555 by Vandelay which also included suggestions on the annoyance of E1 speed runs.

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