Agent Suggestion

So, with the new agent system coming in soon I was wondering if it would be cool for the devs to add a slot or two for custom made agents that you can customize the portrait, name, base stats, affinity, type of buff, and lines used based on the missions success rate and type.

Further explaining:

Portrait: Custom portraits either by taking you to a character creation screen and just using a mugshot of the created character, custom portrait parts similar to some simple games where the end portrait is based on part combinations like in How To Survive 2 and Sheltered, upload a custom image, or choose from a large selection of portraits for different species, gender, race, and basic accessories.

Name: Pretty self explanatory. Custom name. Either just a handle, first and last name, or all three.

Base Stats: Surely the devs have a min/max range for the agents they set or decided that a level one agent wont have more than X of one stat or X total points for combined stats. A good way to go about a custom base stat sheet would be to use RNG to decide the spread of the stats based on how much of the max value combined or of the individual stat would work. For example, the max for each stat at level 1 is 100, make the game role a d100 and set that as the stat for that, then move down the list. Another way would be the max combined. It looked like there were 3 stats, so lets say the max is 300. One way to spread the stats would be to roll the d100 again, half the result if above 75, and that’s the percentage of the total points. So a 50 would get stat 1 to be 150, leaving 150 left to be split between the other two. Another 50 would then cause the last two stats to be 75. Or, it could just be done like we do our anima allocation where each point is one of 3 of the stats.

Affinity: The type of missions that the agent is good at. I remember Carter being good at supernatural, and there’s power as one. A good way to do it is either just roll for the two different things, or just let the character manually select the two.

Buff: Simplest way to do it would be player selects which buff from the 25, and 50 pools they want on that character. Or can just roll it.

Lines Used on Mission Completion: Easiest way would be the player just types in their own lines for each success level and the overall type of mission.

There’s probably more in the agent system that you could customize but I think I covered the most of it which would be a great tool for those that like to RP in game. It’d be an extra little goodie for us players that do that.


Pesky copyrights :frowning:


Great idea :grinning:

Absolutely none of that is going to happen. Well, they could let you create your own nickname without any real effort.

As for stats, etc, if you don’t get stats you like, you’re expected to look for other agents that might be more what you’re looking for. Remember, you’re finding real people already in the world to work with you. You’re not building a robot.


Customizable agents was my biggest realistic hope for this system.

I realize having them as summonable combat pets would be too far, but just being able to name them… and give them custom portraits…

So…we can make other players become our agents too? :smiley:

Customizable Agents would be one more thing that could bug… I’m hoping they expand the Agent roster eventually. There’s a wealth of characters and creatures to draw from. Even temporary ( 1 use ) Agents, or hostiles that might be “bound” by “bee powers” …(send a magic-bound Recursia to help rescue another Agent?)
Use of “bee-powers” might involve consuming gear, currencies, or new resources dropped from Agent missions.

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Hmmmmm… squads of “single use” Orochi, … can’t win on their own, but can take a bullet meant for the Agent … a point I missed somewhere, are we limited to 1 Agent per mission ?

To be fair, the way I was picturing it is more like how we create our own characters. We weren’t building robots. Think of it more like the bees became their knees after we already went and got our wings so they’re late to all the cool missions and get left with mop up duty