Agility tree is really weak compared to other trees and construction hammer doesn't craft materials for you

Agility Tree: Please buff the agility tree. It is super weak compared to other trees, mainly up to 10 points like for example Backstab, deadshot and precision strike are just not very useful. If you pick backstab and precision strike then you mainly only get a single shot from a distance before the enemy turns around and starts moving towards you. On the other hand with precision strike you have to be carrying lower weight which isn’t always the case so you have to go into battle almost empty. Strength has no such restriction.

Construction Hammer: The hammer doesn’t automatically craft materials you need for the build even if you have the resources to craft them in your inventory. For example if a building piece requires twine it will just tell you that you require twine instead of using up the fiber In your inventory to craft twine and then build the piece.

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I am not sure, but I think they did the perks that way because double jump is so powerful in that tree.

I don’t see how that’s relevent?

Can’t have the whole tree have too many of the sought-after perks in one place. That is what it seems they were attempting to correct with some of the revisions for 3.0 perks.

I understand that but Agility is now one of the essential perks for player offence so you either go strength or agility but each perk in strength is actually good (except for some optional one but it doesn’t matter because they’re optional) but the perks in agility upto the 10 points in the perk tree are super underwhelming unlike with strength.

They’re stronger perks if you’re a melee agility fighter. Yes it’s the ranged weapon stat, but that’s not all it is.

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Ya I dont like any of the knowledge setup. The hammer you cant carry building items anymore you have to carry the supplies and build on site. Maybe someone can explain why that is.

Can you elaborate?

Well with the backstab and precision strike, if you’re lightly armoured with a katana or shortsword you can get behind people/npcs more easily and stab them and get a damage boost AND an armour piercing boost not once but almost every time you hit. The light load makes you move faster to position more easily, and recover stamina quicker, and you get more defensive rolls. So it sounds to me like you’re seeing the Agilty tree as weak because you’re coming at it as if ranged combat is the main point of it.

But ranged combat should ALSO be the point of it though since we don’t have an accuracy tree anymore (and thank Devs for that honestly). Also how are you getting behind enemies that often?

Uhh… I dunno what to tell you, I walk around them while they’re attacking until I’m standing behind them. In PvP I roll past them usually?

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agility tree is very good in 3.0

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Dude Agi is a MUST HAVE perk tree its actually really strong in pvp so no leave it as is please in 3.0 which i assume youre talking about

it feels like the first perks of agility and authority are meant to compliment each other. have a thrall keep the aggro, and you’re free to attack from behind.

deadshot, at the very least, reduces the travel time and projectile drop over the same distance. i don’t usually use archery because of having to charge my draws just to compensate for drop, but the improve ballistics certainly makes it easier.

precision strike feels like it’s meant to help axe users. again, with the first authority perk, you a free to hit from behind for that extra damage, now with more penetration if you aren’t carrying past yellow encumbrance. add to axe users being strength builds, and any proper axe combos being all heavy attacks (which plays directly into the heavy blows and combo master perks), it looks like a pretty potent pve build.

balancing strength and agility 50/50 allows either second skin + deadshot (less armor weight to carry more ammo and faster projectiles) or combo master + precision strike (welcomed by any melee build with otherwise poxy penetration, albeit with encumbrance considerations).

one could pair those perks differently, like second skin + precision strike, but that just loses the benefit of faster arrows if using bows. or combo master + deadshot, where bows don’t really have combo chains nor finishers. either might still work in a throwable melee setup however, as javelins and throwing axes/knives can also travel stupidly quick with deadshot, and is not as reliant on ranged performance.

(javelins combos are light attacks only, so no benefit from the first strength perk. axe + throwing axe has a special heavy combo, but i’m not sure if the final flurry of swings benefit from the combo master perk, or only the last hit)

If specialising fully into agility, you give up some of those universally hard hitting buffs in strength so you can do the fancy acrobatics with less stamina use.

spreading investment across strength and agility seems to increase the lateral capabilities of several strength and agility loadouts, plugging certain weak points while never truly reaching the heights of raw power.


I honestly never thought about it that way. That actually makes a lot of sense. I was very tunnel focused on agility tree that I never thought of combining agility and strength together. Max I went was to get the first strength perk to increase charged bow damage. Thanks a lot.


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