AHK allowed? (AutoHotKey)

In many games this is forbidden, because one can create an advantage with it, why is this allowed in conan exile?
I think it should not be allowed, too many advantages over other players who do not want to use it

What are you referring to? You mean macros? What would one be macro’ing in a game like CE?

I use loghitech mouse and keybord i can make any macro i want with loghitech driver.

Anyone who uses a driverless mouse such as a BenQ Zowie pretty much HAS to use something like AutoHotKey if they want to customize their mouse buttons. Also, it’s really no different from programming macros on a more advanced mouse like the Logitechs Gheazu and I both use.

Regardless, about the most useful macro I can think of (AHK or otherwise) would be a toggle to hold down Mouse1 while endlessly swinging my pickaxe at resources. I’m hard-pressed to think of how macros could be worthy of a ban unless they’re exploiting a bug in the game that would otherwise need fixing anyway.

I used to use AHK to change the inventory keybind to B because the game wouln’t let me anymore when they added that quick loot system to bodies and chests.

I was happily surprised when I patched yesterday after a while of inactivity to see that they finally fixed that.

But i still can’t use the F key as a keybind…so job well half-done. GG!

Ofc they give you a advantage. I can hit you with a spera and trow a arrow in your face realy fast or change weapons realy fast. The game allows me to doit. We are limited by the coders. If they do not sotped then is allowd simple. Same gows with all exploits in game, no one fix them from a year so have fun. Other games do not allow this and they cosider this things a prioriti conan adds more contet. There are no admins on official servers so you can do what the cod allows you to do.

Anything which gives advantages in fights…
Someone did tell me how he could hit twice as fast with some axe - or same with spears…
I wonder what else is possible… :fearful:

AHK is a third-party macro tool as @Larathiel alludes, and what makes it interesting is that Battleye allows it to run. My Razer software does the same for all my mice and keyboards. An astute player will script escape sequences, fight sequences and other “timesavers,” or in my case to recenter my dot to compensate for a visual impairment. :slight_smile:

During the summer I worked with Exploit Hunters on autolock and macros, and their burgeoning (ab)use in PVP. I think the OP wants a ruling on AHK, and I’m hoping the devs will make a statement about macros in general.


It is just unfair, but if someone want to used it, it is his own risk. I know battleeye detect Makros in R6S and PUBG. But i dont know if battleeye see the different about keyboard/mouse/gamepad with makro support and external programs example ahk.
I hope the devs can give a statement about this.

This isn’t a MMORPG like Everquest or World of Warcraft. Multiplayer is largely Client to Server where the server owner is a player or third party organization. Funcom in this case can only tell the OP how they want players to act on their servers they themselves rent from G-Portal.

They cannot for example say AHK is against the rules on any other server. That is up to the individual server owner.

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Apply poison to your spear whilst fighting with a macro.

Works with sword and shield. You can reset the animation of the first light sword attack by equipping a shield. With macro you can spam 1st light attack that way super quickly.

Sure, thats the same way that guy did it with the rope.
Dodging seems to be used the same way. At some point of the dodge, the player can already attack again, so people set up a macro with dodgy spear too.

You don’t need a macro for that. :smiley:
Just spam right click after roll like in Dota 2 xD

F key is to “use” and item in your inv, I would like to change it as well . Filling 5k flasks with the f key sucks.

If you’re on PC, you can equip multiple flask stacks to different hotbar keys and spam all of them. You can fill like 200-400 of them really quickly at a time this way.

You don’t actually need AHK to change keybinds. On PC you can simply edit the Input.ini file directly. Just be aware that there are a few binds that are native to the DefaultInput file rather than Input.ini

Assuming you installed Steam and Conan on your C: drive, the files should be in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

The line you’re looking for in Input.ini should be

You may also want to search on “Key=F,” to see if there are any other places where F is used for other actions if you want all of them to use the new key.

EDIT: Just realized I didn’t paste the location of the Default INI files, should you need them:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config

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Agreed. Sometimes it’s nice though to hear from the devs whether a hotkey is in the spirit of the game, or if all bets are off. No holds barred. All Stallones approved.

I made my wife’s toon fight me to death using Razer Synapse macros I set up for that very purpose.

See @SirDaveWolf for reference.

I don’t disagree. Though if I were in their shoes, I would simply stay quiet about it.

Saying its against the spirit of the rules opens a can of worms. You could tune anti-cheats to block it, but then people would simply use their hardware to do the same thing. Its not easy or possible to block it there and you would continue to get complaints you can’t really do anything about.

The best they could do is try to find why people use AHK and then find ways to mitigate its effectiveness. Personally I can only see it being used to quickly fill flasks or other QoL fixes, its not going to give an edge in combat.

The fix to that is simply put in a better quality of life fix. Such as a handcrafted recipe to fill flasks if near water. Or turn wells into crafting stations that craft water flasks from empty ones. Things of that nature.

But in reality, is it worth a devs time for all that? I mean I won’t turn down QoL additions. But do we need fixes to AHK issues right now?

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