Autohotkey bannable or not?

I want to verify before getting hit with a ban or something silly like that.

I want to run some quality of life scripts like toggle sprint running, but I prefer to avoid getting in trouble over something so small.

There is an auto-run toggle by default.

You kind of jog as a default. On PC you can set that to “Walk” with the BackSpace key. Left shift sprints, but you run out of stamina quickly.

This is not auto-run. He wants auto-sprint. Holding W and Shift at the same time. Or Shift + auto-run.
I used AHK to do this myself. I’ll do a full auto-sprint when I press F4.

I configured it to use Shift and the auto-run keybinding so that I’ll keep going even with menus up or being tabbed out of the game.

I’m on single player though. :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be detectable on official servers, but I probably wouldn’t want to risk it either. Not without confirmation that it’s fine.

num lock toggles forward auto-run
if run is on, num lock will make you keep running.

Yes but he wants to auto-sprint. Not just run.

Something I use myself in SP, as described above.

so how do you set up auto sprint then?

With a script. :slight_smile:

Google Auto Hot Key. That’s an easy one to use.
I don’t want to paste scripts here in case it’s frowned upon.

BattlEye can certainly detect it. Not sure if it’ll get you banned on CE tho. If you’re full solo may want to run without battleye?

I don’t have it installed. But that’s good to know.

Just finished a script to re-learn all of my feats after using a yellow lotus potion.

Hopefully this thread gets an official response so we’ll know if these quality of life scripts are allowed on official servers.

sure, we need Dev response

Yeah. I’m pretty sure they’re not though. Because if they were, they could easily be exploited for evil.
Evil! Whatever that means.

Should be fine as long as you don’t use pixel scanning to automatically toggle the sprinting based on stamina.

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