All my NPC killed

Heya! So I play on #1041 and today during the day all my NPC’s I have outside my home was killed my the nearby boss that spawned. The thing is that all my NPC was guarded by the huge wall I was building. And I wasnt even on at this time. So how could this boss npc spawn inside my walls and kill all my npcs?
Could some admin give the NPCs back? This must be some bug like that Rhino spawned inside my walls after server restart or something?

If I understand your situation, this is not a bug.

Placing a wall around your base does not prevent anything from spawning inside the perimeter. If a section of your wall comes close enough to a spawn location, it will prevent it from respawning. But if you don’t want anything spawning inside your compound, you’ll have to cover it with foundations. Or, take note of exactly where things spawn, and place a foundation on that spot.

As far as getting items back, that won’t happen. Even if it was because of a legit bug.

I reconized that since 3.0 the scorpion King is going on expeditions.
Sometimes he is just in front of my door and sometimes he is walking around my base. But he’s not getting inside. I don’t know if its a bug or feature but I like the idea that bosses not only hanging around at their spawn point and just walk sometimes to the next building.

Maybe something like this happens to you too? But how they get behind your wall? Maybe like suggested above you need to put foundations between your wall and house.

Don’t do this with boss spawns. You’re asking for a ban if you do.


Just to clarify, which of these drawings would describe your situation better?

Drawing 1:

Drawing 2:

Yes, sorry. I only play on my own dedicated server, so I wasn’t thinking about bans for blocking spawns. :innocent:

If you want to keep them out of your compound, you’ll have to build the wall between their spawn and your base (making sure it’s not close enough to prevent the spawn). If there’s not enough room…you’ll have to find a new spot, or deal with it.

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