All spears should be nerfed

It would be better to nerf these spears and fight like real warriors with sword and shield.

No thankyou. Spears have already been nerfed numerous times. Encounters with spear wielders are not unwinnable.

Historical data can confirm that real warriors have indeed been fighting with spears for thousands of years now.


The data suggests that spears are still the preferred choice for pvp experts. that little detail makes the game repetitive.
in the conan movies prevalence the swords “I think”

You all ruined my bows, you ruined my great swords… you ruined daggers.



Honestly, at this point, I don’t give a damn about being polite anymore, so I’ll say it as bluntly as possible: if the only solution you can ever think of is a nerf, you have no business giving game design advice to anyone.

No more knee-jerk nerfs.


Fight with your gawddamn fists like a real warrior!!!11!


I know one real warrior who was fighting with a spear. The only reason he was not using his sword is because only officers and generals could have a sword, but this would make him a bad example for his army, so he was using spear too no matter he was a king. Iron was expensive to arm a whole army with swords, so all the rest soldiers had spears and small shields. Swords are more flexible and Lethal . A spear with the correct shield bash makes the user vulnerable. This however is missing from the mechanics. The other point that makes the spear vulnerable in fight is the length, the opponent can always grab the spear and either disarm the opponent, or drag him to his fatal blow, this as well is missing from the battle mechanics.
These 2 disadvantages of the spear are missing, that’s why spears are so good in this game.
The name of this great warrior is no other than Achilles. However he had skills in this weapon that no shield bash, or dragging could stop him from slaying his opponents. So, if we assume that all these Conan fighters are as skilled as him, then no reason for the disadvantage to exist too.
It’s a game after all and it has a moveset. Try to learn the moveset too and “strike the bone”. Spears occasionally are no better than axes, or daggers, or hammers or even bows.
The bottom line is that the user counts and not the weapon. I will ensure you that in the past I died more times from yogs touch than a spear. Not to mention the thousand posts about the feroxic daggers.
If you want to pvp you have to learn all the weapons so you’ll know when your enemy is exposed.

Ps. Shields are good but not so… barbaric, so this will make you vulnerable to the masters of pvp, try to live without it, it’s not pve :wink:.


Yeah honestly, spears havnt been meta since medium armor was meta


No. Just No. Spears HAVE been nerfed. More than once. Get over it already.

Really? I thought by the countless cries for nerfs it was ferox daggers? So which is it, they can’t both possibly be true. :woman_shrugging:


Really? I thought by the countless cries for nerfs it was ferox daggers? So which is it, they can’t both possibly be true. :woman_shrugging:

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Not to sound like a dick but i run 3 weapons typically, but alass spears are not one

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I see spears everywhere when it comes to PvP

I laughed out loud XD

This is probably the best advice.


I just don’t like the dynamics that hand-to-hand combat is having

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Spear aim is the only weapon that takes skill in conan pvp.

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Okay so do I get that right? YOU don’t like the dynamics so spears have to be nerfed even more for EVERYONE else? Bolt.

I don’t like black ice sword I have a deep hatred for them from where they were meta. Some people still use it . And that’s totally fine. Every weapon in the game show be viable and worth playing.


Conan Exiles is one of the first game of the genre that incorporates spears, and does it well. As spears have been the go-to weapon for millenia and fit the technological era very well, it was one of the points that sold the game to me at least. Wouldn’t be smart to nerf a USP even further.

Also… PvP players, if you’re not happy with PvP… take it from an old timer: PvP in games like this will never be a wholesome experience. One side sides looses, cries for nerfs, either gets their nerf and the other side starts whining, or doesn’t get its nerf, and starts flaming and exploiting. In the end, everybody looses.

So very, very tired of that mentality in the PvP crowd.

“I am the meanest kid around! Daddy, help me beat up that kid over there!”


this is conan guys! and as such it should be. I also thank the group of developers for giving us this fantastic experience, but I refuse to believe (in the movie not everyone used the spears)

Please don’t nerf spears it’s one of the most skilled weapons in the game. Why not adjust other weapons that take no skill and do way to much damage… can all guess what weapon that is

Daggers are not ruined I’d say the opposite if anything. Great swords got a nice buff along with hammers I believe those two weapons are very balanced at the moment.