Alternative Player Character Spawns for Admin (enhance RP capabilities)

Hey there.
The following jumped to my mind while I hosted the last RP Event on our server. Maybe its already in the game and Im just not experienced enough to find it -> Then pls enlight me :sunny:

The following is my idea:
Give admins the possibility to spawn one (or more) alter ego of themselves which they can take over by standing infront of em and opening the “E” Menu.
These alter ego for admins should be used as regular player characters with the difference, that they are temporary (meaning they die and vanish immidiately after e.g. 1 hour).
What is the reason for this suggestion?
In an RP event which I organise for other players, I dont want to be my Character all the time. But e.g. a friendly new PC who talks with them, makes jokes of them, gives them quests etc. etc.
I can do this all as my own character who is renamed by PIPPI Mod e.g. but it is not very user friendly and not done without certain risks.
It would be great to spawn such role play NPC and to let them even build some stuff (e.g. if you wanna do an event which involves a building or such). I would maybe even make them invulnerable and for sure let them and all their structures die after a set time.

What you think?

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I’d even take it a step further… ideally I’d want something similiar to the old NWN & NWN2 games, where you could take control over any NPC as a gamemaster (even creatures) to interact with the players. Even if we could just override their AI routines and aggro behaviour, this would be a nice feature for RP.

Yep. This is exactly what I was thinking of. NWN. Yet Id already be happy with a first step to spawn some additional PC I can control

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