Always close your doors behind you ... hitting hard a big clan (outside raid time)

After raid time (because of thralls …), it is possible to enter a base for example (deserter gunter with many doors).

  • Hide near the doors, wait for a player to leave the base, enter the base before the doors closed.
  • Then hide inside the base.
  • Wake up early in the morning (they will not be online, but sleeping), take everything you can (thralls, bench content, open chests …). You can kill them if they are in the main room.
  • Escape with maproom (if any), potion of midnight (need improved chaudron and take ingredients with you first), or remove bracelet …

You need luck but it is possible, just done it!

After I think they will not understand and complain, someone steal from inside our base outside raid time :slight_smile:

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If you successfully pulled this off, I tip my hat to you.

If someone allowed this to happen, wow…they are terrible players and need to find a new game. There is literally no excuse for having that much in the open for people to steal…let alone not noticing them in their own base.


They put many doors at the entrance, so they open them fast and run. Doors stay open 20 seconds …

I do not have ingredients to craft midnight potion (next time i take it!), but i remove them everything i can. This will slow them down (or quit) and it will be easier to raid later.

Later I see that on the second entrance wall of the base, they forgot a foundation at the top right, so I can pass it.

So I will try again this evening, just need to pass the first 2 doors!

Funny raid ever :slight_smile:

:smiley: I had a similiar situation but not as successful.

I once logged out in what I thought was an abandoned raided base, turns out it was just still a build in progress and when I logged on a day or so later the group that lived there had finished building but hadnt found me sleeping behind one of the beds, they were all offline when I logged in inside their base with chests and vaults unlocked. I grabbed as much as I could carry but after realizing there was no way out and not wanting to sit and wait for them to come online I ended up deciding to put the stuff back and kill myself so I could spawn at my base, I did leave them a note in one of their inventories letting them know I had been in there just to freak them out a bit. But I didnt despawn anything cause I’m not a douche like that :D. I say that but had I found a way out I wouldve still robbed them dry :stuck_out_tongue:

Who builds a base with only one set of doors though? My bases have gates upon gates stacked up, and every crafting bench and chest stack is in its own room, plus I don’t leave anything on my benches not even Thralls. When exiting your base, either close all doors or if it’s a stack, close the first and last. Good luck, have fun I guess?

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